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Perhaps you see a porn flick called "Gaytanamo" and expect it to be a spoof of a concurrent political situation. But, don't be fooled by the gimmick of a title. It's only a hook. Inside is a sprawling cavalcade of earnest and exciting sex. There is a plot and there is even a message (not to mention the blissful sounds of Shostakovich played at appropriate moments), but director Matthias von Fistenberg and cohort writer Owen Hawk are damn clever men. The message is carefully obscured in their own devilish brand of seedy hardcore sex. The sex scenes are allowed to exist on their own without intrusion, which is important in a piece like this. The social and political aspects of this engrossing film are certainly evident and impressive, but it's von Fistenberg's way of portraying grimy sexual splendor that makes this one such a winner in my book. In fact, there are three consecutive sex scenes that have no dialogue between them. Though there are things lurking and slyly smirking in the background, it's the upfront sex that captivates with a straight unflinching face.

After the credits flash, three men dressed in fatigues and masks appear on a rooftop and set their sights on a lone figure walking below. It's the man they have been seeking, but there's a hitch: the "target" has a bomb in his backpack! The target, Danny Fox, is plucked from the road to no one's knowledge but a stray cat, forced into a van, his arms and legs are tied up in heavy tape and he's gagged as the music swirls to an astounding crescendo.

Now the fun begins. Danny is next seen in a dank secluded room that looks like one of those torture cells in American movies of the 1980s where the Soviets were so depraved they wouldn't allow proper electrical work. Danny is alone with Violator (a big hulking man with big tats and a nose ring), who accuses him of being the head of a terrorist ring he has been after for ten years. If the harsh spotlight and slapping don't get Danny to speak, perhaps a choice line like "you terrorist scum, you make me sicker than grandpa's crust asshole" will. If Owen Hawk were a writer for the government instead of Dark Alley, the Branch Davidians might have been saved all those countless hours of Nancy Sinatra. Danny protests that he's only a German tourist, so Violator tosses a punch right into his pretty face and the scene ends.

It's decided by Violator that Danny might respond not to regular methods of torture, but to witnessing a blatant homosexual display. His peppy comrade, Owen Hawk, bounds off to comply. Danny has to watch on a monitor (and a tiny one, can't they afford a 40-inch flat-screen so they can really show off?) and if Danny dares to resist, Owen threatens to staple his eyelids open!

You see, tied up or not, you wouldn't have to force me to watch any Owen Hawk scene. Looking incredibly buff and butch, the bearded hunk fucks eager brunet Dominik Rider. There are no pleasantries here either. This is Gaytanamo after all, so Owen starts with a harsh insertion and then roars along with a strong pushy fuck, with Dominik begging and pulling at Owen's nipples. Note here that Owen is holding Danny's face in place to watch the scene (his own) and Danny is even stroking his own hard cock. Well, a worthy penetrating fuck with a super willing bottom should do that to anyone with even a few of his senses left. Owen goes from long brutal plunges to springy jackrabbit moves in mere seconds, keeping his bottom guessing and in seemingly complete rapture. Without any ado, Owen pulls out and eats Dominik's ass. It's perfectly hairless and tasty, and therefore it's only moments before Owen is fucking it again, this time using the same passion doggy. Dominik then gets it flat on his stomach, Owen still completely dominant in his hip-swiveling zest. As if Dominik hasn't proven how wonderful a bottom he is, he then rides Owen, cruising down to Owen's extremely full balls at top speed. Dominik cums with Owen thrusting up into him, but Owen isn't done with him yet. He has Dominik both blow and rim him. Dominik does great work with Owen's world-class butt, and the reverse order of the scene is yet another sly treat. Before we even see Owen cum, Danny does so watching the video, with his head no longer held in place. Owen finally cums for Dominik with a big splatter. A kiss between Owen and Domink ends their scene. Has it worked for Danny?

Not really. Danny, a gorgeous guy with short Mohawky hair and a very tight body of steel, is still tied to the chair, cum on his chiseled abs, not speaking. Violator slaps him around and questions him, even pointing a gun at his balls, threatening to blow them off, but still Danny denies the charges. I have to say, either Violator is a great Method actor or he's been through this whole torture routine before, because he's merciless to Danny. It's very real and Danny reacts to it with gritted teeth and a force of his own. The interplay between these two is gripping rather than goofy. Things take a very scary turn when Violator pounds at Danny's open ass and balls with the blunt end of a rope, reminiscent of the Daniel Craig's "Casino Royale" travail ( hxxp://CasinoRoyaleMovie.com ). The scene dares the viewer not to flinch at this maniacal display. Still Danny doesn't speak.

If you were perhaps unaware of the political machinations of the director and writer, a handy prop that Owen has to read describing a drug that will have Danny hallucinating removes any lingering suspicions. It just happens that "we have a supply of it in the stockroom" Owen notes so now Violator has another means of wearing down Danny. It is forced down Danny's throat in a savage manner and he passes out.

What does he see? Not anything related to his accused career or his captivity. Nope, he sees Tony Diamond's unbelievably massive cock being downed by sinfully cute red head Tim Rusty. Mocha-skinned Tony, sporting a chain around his neck, has more to offer than just an eye-popping cock, but where Tim is concerned, that's all that matters. Opening as wide as his mouth will allow, he shows himself no mercy in trying to take it all. Again, though there is a moral in this story, the director is careful to keep it in its place, finding ways to make the sex comfortable. Here, it's a dream, so why shouldn't it be hearty and inspiring? Tim is placed upside down so Tony can eat his ass, which he does with lots of spirit. Tim's ass, looking edible in just a jockstrap, is pointed at Tony so he can jam his tongue into it. The close-up camerawork almost follows Tony's tongue into the depths of the hole. When Tony finally fucks Tim, he proves himself to be a show off with the talent to back it up. Tony knows he has total access to Tim's experienced hole and he stuffs his cock in completely, going at him with porn star pep and vigor. His own dick is big, but not as big as a black dildo Tony produces and proceeds to fit into Tim's welcoming ass. It slides in with such ease! The surprise of the scene then finds super-bottom Tim fucking Tony! Tim turns out to be quite a confident top and Tony wears an enormous smile. Tim rams at Tony with almost cocky speed, equally potent with Tony on all-fours and on his back. In the latter position, Tim arches all the way back and lets his cock do all the work. The classical music is back as Danny stirs from his confused delirium.

However, he hasn't totally gotten the drug, previously tested only on goats, out of his system. There's more fantasy ahead for him. The next scene is shrouded in darkness. The only light is on a mouth sucking a cock through a glory hole. The Prince Albert on the cock, the stunning hairless body and then the entreating accented voice mean Matthias von Fistenberg is in now front of the camera. Sucking him is Demetrius, a tattooed muscle boy with a lusty mouth. Matthias has his plump dick stuffed into a cockring so it's up front and ready for Demetrius' gaping deep-throat. More light is allowed into the scene as shaved-headed Demetrius gets to see his partner, who only allows Demetrius off his cock when he wants to spit into his mouth. There are moments when Matthias pulls his dick out, but Demetrius follows it with absolute devotion, not wanting to be without it. His bearded face meets Matthias' balls at every gulp. Demetrius, whose very sexy tattoos look fantastic under the reddish lighting, then eats Matthias' ass until the master's eyes roll back in his head. With a slap of the hand and some spit as a lead-in, Matthias, an ass-man if ever there was one, then goes orally diving into Demetrius' butt. His own bearded face meets the hairless ass, which he pries open with his hands and tongue. He has a lip-smacking good time of it, literally. Matthias also doesn't neglect the grizzled Demetrius' sizey uncut cock, giving it a wonderful blowjob. There is bountiful chemistry between these two, but it reaches a fever pitch the first time Matthias rams his dick into Demetrius' ass. This is a hole so ready it points outward, and Matthias is able to punch-fuck it with his cock, still wearing his piercing. Demetrius does have that really fat dick and Matthias is also a sterling bottom, so they do flip-flop with excellent results. Demetrius jams into Matthias with rather angry force and keeps cramming in that entire dick over and over. It's a fast and penetrating fuck, looking sublime under the careful lighting and tight photography. After all the exciting fucking, Demetrius takes a cum-shot to the tongue and continues sucking the cock (it doesn't belong to Matthias, but this is a fantasy, so why does it have to be linear?). Matthias nibbles at Demetrius' ass to get him to cum, but actually ends up shooting first before Demetrius finishes with a dazzler.

Thankfully for us, that drug is still very much at work on Danny, and this time he actually has a fantasy with some root in his situation, because it involves captor Owen. This time, the stud is paired with lean Jason Tyler. Sporting a bit of hair on his chin and a gold chain, Jason is an eager oral receptacle for Owen's cock. The two are perched on a landing, and the camera spends a lot of time under the action, which means both dicks can be on display together. Owen then blows Jason's thick piece. Jason is a tad remote, especially receiving such a warm and spot-on blowjob, but it doesn't stop Owen from chowing down with all his considerable ability. Jason is then turned around so Owen can fuck him. Their position on high allows for more of that interesting angle work. More standard angles aren't forgotten, but none obscure the easygoing satisfying fuck. Owen is more relaxed here than in his previous scene, and Jason doesn't seem the begging type. They move around the set, but Owen keeps up his pleasing rhythm no matter where they are. Jason gets to ride Owen, displaying a bit of spunk, but surrounded by a team of guys with wattage to spare, he's out of place. Jason returns to an extended blowjob on Owen before squatting down on Owen's cock again and bouncing. Owen hasn't had Jason on his back yet, so they go that route until Owen creams right on Jason's tightened hole.

There may be a problem. There is no bomb in Danny's backpack. However, Violator isn't convinced Danny is innocent. He has Danny tossed into a cell with pretty boy brunet Sebastian Cruz. Danny, his bright blue eyes piercing the darkness of his cell and his big lips open just an enticing crack, immediately seizes upon Sebastian's hard dick and he blows his cellmate. Sebastian has a long distinguished cock and after waiting the entire film, it's a treat to see Danny at work on it. He immediately takes control of the scene, parking his hand and mouth on Sebastian's cock and sucking with strong intent. The lighting has never been as dim as it is here, to the point that Sebastian's face is barely noticeable, so nothing takes away from the focus on Danny's neck-snapping speedy sucking. The only time the camera even moves away is to show Danny's own meaty member hard and waiting. Sebastian coos as Danny corkscrews with his cock, tugging at it so violently as he sucks that Sebastian seems about to explode. Danny's ass looks particularly bubbly with the purposeful lighting, so when he stands against the wall, it's the new center of the scene. Sebastian takes some time to play with it, tease that he is! They happen to have a ladder in their cell, so Danny can mount a rung and Sebastian can fuck him. Suddenly the light turns up and we get to see Sebastian's entire cock slide into Danny's ass. With Danny pushing backwards slightly, and full of desire, Sebastian's job is a piece of cake. Danny's magnetism is so noticeable, and he has a great sense of how to position himself for maximum effect. As for Sebastian, he's only asked to keep up a nicely raging rhythm and acquits himself very well. This is Danny's scene, no doubt about it. Even when Sebastian gets manic and goes slamming up into Danny with such force that the sounds of ass pounding echo throughout the set, it's Danny's game. Danny is pushed to the floor so Sebastian can work downward at him, and this rather quickly gets the top to spew big all over Danny's back.

So, yes, "Gaytanamo" is political and von Fistenberg has made his point. And, to his credit, there was no attempt to obscure the pornographic vision here: It's rough and tumble, hot and robust, with Danny Fox a stunning little number just waiting for a mammoth star turn. The sex is the actual point, as far as I can tell. Any messages taken away -- political, social or sexual -- are good for the film, I say. But, ultimately, "Gaytanamo" is scorching porn to the core.

A review by Brent Blue ( hxxp://www.ManNet.com )

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