Paulo Guina - XXL Latin Daddy 8-Pack

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Description"Paulo Guina aka Raul Dias is not exactly a household name but this Brazilian daddy has it all -- fur, a huge uncut cock and an overabundance of testosterone to set things in motion. Basically, he's the kind of guy that makes "Brazil" a synonym for HOT SEX. All condom scenes, most intergenerational."

This 8-pack features scenes from the following movies : Bem Dotados 2 (Icaro Studios), Brazilian Students (three scenes, Frenesi Films), Fishing Pole (Blue Pictures), Macho Macho Man (Sparta Video), Paraty Affairs (with Leigh Erickson, Falcon), Rocky & Amigos (SexBoys), Roquo & His Cock aka Grande Adventures (Blue Pictures).


This pack contains the following files :

Bem Dotados 2 (Paulo Guina sc).avi 575.41 MB
Rocky & Amigos (Paulo Guina sc).avi 387.83 MB
Brazilian Students (Paulo Guina scenes).mpeg 381.76 MB
Paraty Affairs (Paulo Guina sc).mov 201.87 MB
Macho Macho Man (Paulo Guina sc).mov 173.41 MB
Brazilian Students (Paulo Guina shower scene).mp4 159.85 MB
Roquo & His Cock (Paulo Guina sc).mov 159.14 MB
Fishing Pole (Paulo Guina sc).mov 122.95 MB
Macho Macho Man (Paulo Guina sc).mov_thumbs_[2015.12.10_17.22.11].jpg 327.32 kB
Bem Dotados 2 (Paulo Guina sc).jpg 322.48 kB
Paraty Affairs (Paulo Guina sc).mov_thumbs_[2015.12.10_17.22.45].jpg 290.99 kB
Rocky & Amigos (Paulo Guina sc).avi_thumbs_[2015.12.10_17.23.07].jpg 288.52 kB
Roquo & His Cock (Paulo Guina sc).mov_thumbs_[2015.12.10_17.23.31].jpg 277.87 kB
Fishing Pole (Paulo Guina sc).mov_thumbs_[2015.12.10_17.21.51].jpg 263.55 kB
Brazilian Students (Paulo Guina scenes).jpg 254.07 kB
Brazilian Students (Paulo Guina shower scene).mp4_thumbs_[2015.12.10_17.20.39].jpg 245.10 kB

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