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[BG EAST]Blaine Janus vs Andy Hammer

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DescriptionBlond vs. Blond: Erotic Babyface Battlers!

Climb into the way-back time machine and get a load of Blaine Janus and Andy Hammer as two sensationally sweet, babyfaced rookies desperate to impress The Boss and BG East fans. Both wrestlers have come a long way their impressive debuts now so long ago.

Blaine has established himself as one of our fiercest and sexiest erotic mat wrestlers with a serious kink for dishing out a titillating combination of sensual pleasure and punishing pain. Blond Blaine's beautiful big eyes, his sultry, seductive sex appeal and cocky, feisty and exceedingly mouthy attitude have made him a favorite among many sectors of BG East fandom.

Fans know Andy as one of the babiest babyfaces on record, with baby blue eyes, a mouthwatering bubble butt, and a superhuman capacity for not just enduring, but getting off on the receiving end of crushing corporal punishment. Not the least bit surprising given that he was a "special" recruit of Kid Leopard who took "special pains" to train Andy himself, this attention reflected in Andy's impressive arsenal of intricate holds and sexy submissions.

But before all of that came into focus for these eager young wrestlestuds, hell, before Blaine was even out of his braces, they faced one another in the BG East mat room with nothing but beauty, blond ambition, and a bristling desire to have at each other.

If you think you know what to expect from these two wrestlers, think again. Toned and tanned Andy swarms all over his overwhelmed opponent, quickly establishing complete control over Blaine's body. Blaine is helpless as his hot young tormentor doesn't just pin his face beneath his crotch, but repeatedly, violently pounds the Canuck's dazed face with his cock. Just when Blaine manages to squirm free, Andy is two moves ahead, sliding like grease into an expertly applied sharpshooter that leaves Blaine screaming for mercy.

You can begin to glimpse the fan favorite wrestlers these wet-behind-the-ears young bucks are destined to become. Blaine licks his lips as he locks his opponent up tight and tortures him viciously, even pulling at Andy's blond underarm hair! The cocky, erotic sadist we know and love swells with excitement at every whimper and scream he elicits from cute Andy.

Fans of watching hot young Hammer swallow gallons of agony will delight to see the first stirrings of his lustful pleasure in the hands of a vile and vicious sadist. There's no mistaking that these boys are still relatively raw rookies at this point in their careers. Neither of them holds onto an advantage for long. Rough around the edges, they struggle for finishers. Sure, they trade submissions, but they have yet to master the pressure points and tolerances of an opponent's body to sufficiently beat the fight out of each other.

Until, that is, one young buck lands a breathtakingly solid jab to his opponent's balls. Finally he chains together a series of moves that drive his opponent to the edge of total panic. You may be surprised by which handsome hunk leaves the other literally weeping at his feet, but you shouldn't be shocked that all of that raw, raging fight finally devolves into a scorching hot, sweat-soaked, groaning, grinding make out session. Action as ONLY BG East can produce!
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