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DescriptionOriginal upload: 2010-04-21 |
Studio: Defiant Productions
Director: Joe Serna
Run Time: 120 minutes
Audio: Live Sound
Video Ratio: 4:3 Full Screen

Major wood. Aaron's wood turns out to be in proportion to his body & impressively springy. Sucking Stephen's wood, makes Aaron's long wood even harder & springier, which makes Stephen unable to resist sucking it.

As Aries says while Jake is unzipping his jeans and fishing for his cock, this newest Defiant video gets “right to the point.” Even before the stylish new opening credits for THIS SUCKS, Aries walks in on the angular Jake, pauses a few seconds to stare at the off screen television, and then announces to Jake—and also to you at home—“Dude, you’re watching gay porn!” “Yup.” Aries turns out to be a pretty open-minded straight dude with a classic and casual horny frat jock look in his black t-shirt, jeans, and, as the unzipped jeans soon reveal, stylish and well-packed Structure boxers. Jake turns out to be a pretty aggressive bottom boy, quickly engulfing ALL of Aries’ slabby un-cut cock in his mouth. Honoring the title, Jake is the first of a series of Defiant boys in this video—some familiar and some unfamiliar—to suck cock with world-class abandon. In the first of many understatements throughout the video, Aries tells Jake, who is deep-throating a mouth-watering cock (has to be more than 7 inches): “You’re good at this.” Yes, he is. Jake is enough a gentleman to pause for a second to return the compliment, acknowledging that the frat boy’s schlong, attached to a naturally athletic body (not overly defined, but well-proportioned and with especially appealing nips) is “Nice.” Yes, it is. Being open-minded and horny, Aries likes to kiss Jake. When the boys embrace, we notice a large stylized tattoo on Aries’ broad back, before our gaze shifts to a nifty reflection of the kissing boys in a strategically placed full-length mirror. About now we learn that Jake has a pretty solid piece of meat himself, capped with a nice helmet head, and that Jake also has a large tattoo on his back: “FAGz.” Who knew? He also wears what looks like a wedding ring and a tongue stud that he continues to put to good use all up and down and over and around Aries’ schlong.

The camera work in this scene (and throughout this video) is some of the best in the entire Defiant catalogue. So is the sound. You’ll see lots of intimate, but unforced angles of the cocksucking, kissing, rimming, and, soon enough, fucking. And you’ll hear some pretty natural slurping and heavy breathing, along with the frequent and justifiable “O, yeah!” The intense kissing between Jake and Aries seems genuinely passionate and unscripted, or at least unforced. Jake keeps finding his way back to Aries’ cock in a variety of positions. “Feels good,” Aries announces. Fuck, yeah. “Do you like it?” Aries asks Jake. “Want it harder? . . . Wanna take it all?” Dude, he’s been taking it all since you walked in, but apparently he does want it harder because Aries now seriously fucks Jake’s face. “Having fun?” he asks. “Fuck, yeah!” Jake manages to respond between thrusts. When Aries generously jacks on Jake’s cock while simultaneously jacking himself, Jake looks as if he’s about to shoot. Turns out that both of these boys have impressive control and stamina. They’re just getting started. This is still just foreplay. Turns out that Aries is even more open-minded, or at least open-mouthed, than you might have expected: he rewards Jake by giving him some pretty good head for a beginner and then even lets Jake fuck his face briefly. When Jake eats Aries’ ass, the camera takes you there. But Jake, not surprisingly, wants Aries to fuck him. End of foreplay. Aries straddles a wooden chair. Jake straddles Aries’ wooden cock. (When he does, we notice that the back of his neck is pierced in an unusual way that must have been painful.) Thus begins a terrific and sustained fuck session. Like I said, these boys have staying power. Jake, as Aries tells us in case we didn’t notice, has a “nice ass: TIGHT.” Aries, as Jake tells us in case we didn’t notice, has a “BIG” cock. After they have banged (literally) on the wooden chair for a while, Aries stands up with Jake still on his cock and keeps fucking him while carrying him over to a couch where he REALLY gets serious about fucking: “You want it all the way in?” Dude, he’s been taking it all the way in since he sat on your lap on the chair. Aries lubes up Jake before fucking him doggy-style and then flipping him back on his back for the final thrusts. Finally, kneeling over Jake, Aries spews a noisy and generous load on Jake’s chest and abs. Jake then leans back in Aries’ arms and seriously pounds his cock while the boys kiss until, at last, Jake gets his well-earned nut, gushing cum in unpredictable shots that will surprise you. After all this there’s a little talk about appreciating gay porn. You WILL appreciate it.

>>>Nate and Bradley
Our now familiar Defiant friends, Nate and Bradley, are appreciating STRAIGHT porn, planning, in Nate’s words, to “get a quick nut off.” Nate looks as good as ever; Bradley looks, well, wasted. Because Bradley clearly isn’t quite himself, there isn’t as much chatter in this session as in earlier Bradley/Nate sessions, but don’t worry, there will be (almost) as much splatter as always. This is your basic side-by-side buddy jack off with some helpful and brief interludes of mutual cocksucking. Noticing that Bradley’s notorious bone isn’t as boned as usual, Nate graciously leans over to suck some life into it. Later, Nate gently fucks Bradley’s mouth, while Bradley keeps his eyes on the straight video and tries to stay hard. When he’s pretty hard, Bradley kneels and fucks Nate’s mouth. Working pretty hard to pull up a load from deep inside his balls, Bradley announces: “Alright. Think I’m ready.” But it’s Nate who inspires Bradley, by countering, “Alright, watch this,” just seconds before throwing his legs back over his head to drop one of his characteristically heavy and clumpy loads into his own mouth. Some of the clumps miss their target, which is good, because we then get tasty close-ups of Nate scooping them up and eagerly swallowing. Mmmm. Bradley watches all this closely and gets more serious about getting his own nut. Since he is wasted, this takes longer than usual; Nate is already dressed and on his knees, encouraging his pal, when Bradley says; “Alright, dawg, wanna see me cum?” While the resulting load does not shatter any of Bradley’s personal bests for power, distance, or volume (those, after all, are among documented world records!) it is still huge and messy, 2 or 3 times as much cum as your average un-wasted dude produces. An impressed Nate nails it: “Damn, dude! STILL goin’! It’s like Old Faithful.” Yup. That’s our Bradley: still Defiant’s Old Faithful, even wasted.

>>>Stephen and Aaron Snow
This session starts off as another lazy afternoon porno side-by-side jack-off, leading quickly to some mutual groping and then kissing. Stephen and Aaron are well-matched: Stephen, solid and butch; Aaron, lean and hungry. Both dudes quickly sport wood. Major wood. Aaron’s wood turns out to be in proportion to his body: long and impressively springy. Sucking Stephen’s wood, makes Aaron’s long wood even harder and springier, which makes Stephen unable to resist sucking it. Stephen manages to deep throat what has to be about 8 inches of Aaron wood. Soon Stephen leads Aaron by his springy cock into another part of the room and sits down to continue to suck Aaron’s wood, which seems to be still growing, sort of like a magic bean stalk. After Aaron returns the favor by giving Stephen some juicy head, the boys settle into some 69. It’s obvious that the butch-looking Stephen loves sucking Aaron’s lively stalk and that Aaron also loves sucking Stephen’s shorter but very solid pole. Aaron even licks the head of his own cock while Stephen licks his balls. They continue to take turns sucking and stay extremely hard as they kiss, tasting themselves in each other’s saliva. Rather abruptly, but not surprisingly, Aaron turns to the camera and says: “Wanna see him fuck me? Yeah, fuck me.” Stephen obliges, delivering a very butch and well-photographed fuck.

When Stephen pulls out of Aaron and strips off his condom, he squirts at least 5 streams of cum, splashing Aaron’s face and pillow and painting his torso. Then, without much obvious editing, he adds a couple of impressive exclamation points to his cum shot, kneeling over Aaron’s face to drop a few more creamy squirts directly into his mouth. The dudes then kiss, while cum-splattered Aaron strokes himself to a healthy spurting climax. Both Aaron and Stephen play with and taste the cum.

>>>Laze and Tye
As Laze tells us at the end of this sometimes goofy session between two horny twink boys, you may need a “sense of humor” to appreciate this scene fully. If you think that sometimes cocksucking can be silly and still get you off, you’ll probably like this change of pace. There’s no fucking because, as the unbelievably chatty Laze unnecessarily explains at the end of this playful but still hot scene, “We’re both bottoms.” Who would have guessed? Tye is the cuter and sexier and quieter twink: “cute and skinny,” as Laze observes. Laze is the mouthy one in the upside-down and backwards Mets visor; his mouth is constantly moving, alternately talking trash and sucking cock. Laze seems to talk non-stop throughout the session, posing as some kind of Eminem wannabe with an unrecognizable bogus accent and redneck thugster vocabulary. Some of what he says is even pretty funny. Some of what he says is even pretty true: “I told you I was gonna get a tall, skinny boy, and he was gonna have a big ass dick. See this? That’s a big ass dick. Yeah. That’s a big ass dick.” (This accurate description makes Tye laugh with embarrassment and pleasure.) Laze talks so much that I still haven’t figured out just how he manages to suck Tye’s big ass dick so much and—and so damn well. It’s fun to see both boys transform each other’s soft cocks into raging hard-ons through their mutual cocksucking. (Like other porno dudes, most Defiant boys won’t even show their cocks until they think they have a respectable hard-on, which can take some of the fun out of the process: watching it grow and grow.) Laze turns out to be a pretty aggressive little bottom boy with a wonderfully artful and confident approach to cocksucking, involving masterful variations in pacing and pressure, and enviable hand, mouth, and tongue coordination. And Tye turns out to have a cock that deserves all of Laze’s artistry: “Look at that cock!” demands Laze. ‘Aren’t you jealous that this is in my mouth and not in yours? Yeah. God damn.” This little outburst makes Tye laugh.

Tye does suck Laze for a while, having suggested some 69 action. There’s a lot more of Laze’s chatter, which I won’t quote here because it may work better for you if it catches you a little off-guard. When they lean back for the final stretch of side-by-side jerking, after Laze has given Tye a liberal lube job, Tye looks genuinely horny and very hot—even cuter, but less the skinny twink than earlier. When Laze asks Tye hopefully, “You gonna bust a big ass nut, dude?” the boys get serious about busting. They both add some spit to the lube. Tye, who hasn’t said much until now, finally states the obvious: “I’m gonna fuckin’ nut.” And he does. Right into Laze’s eager mouth. This is lucky for the hungry Laze, but not so lucky for us, because we don’t get to see the full special delivery. From what we do see, however, Laze has done a damn good job of helping Tye to produce that big ass twink nut he wanted. When it’s Laze’s turn to cum, he hoses Tye with a generous load and then admires it, before licking much of it off of Tye’s chest and face and arm.

>>>Stephen, Timmy, Aaron, and Tristian
As good as the previous four scenes are, it is this fifth and final suckfest that elevates this tape into the top tier of Defiant’s lengthy (and, let’s admit, occasionally uneven) catalogue. This is the scene people will remember and talk about and jerk off to again and again. Each of these four guys has a distinctive look, personality, and approach to sex. And somehow this mix produces a rare and almost perfect chemistry. They really seem to be having fun. They really seem to be horny. They really seem to be interacting in a natural, comfortable, unscripted way. And the camera captures all of this in interesting and lightly edited ways. This scene might best be described as a three-way with a very open-minded, curious, and horny voyeur completing the foursome. If you’re a Defiant fan, you’ll figure out that Tristian is the voyeur, convincingly fascinated by all the combinations of sucking and fucking that Stephen, Timmy, and Aaron slip in and out of. That Tristian never touches anyone or lets anyone touch him, even as he gets closer and closer to the action and to cumming, is part of what makes this scene work so well as improvised sexual theater. All the fun starts with our four heroes watching some lesbian porn. Timmy, a very attractive, slightly stocky boy-next-door, is the first to admit that he’s “not all about that whole clit piercing shit;” that “that shit ain’t workin’ for me;” and that he feels the urge to make his own entertainment. Tristian’s slightly freaked reaction when Timmy then kisses Aaron sets the tone for the session. Timmy and Aaron move into another part of the room and the camera allows us to watch them making their own entertainment while we also watch Stephen and Tristian continue to watch the lesbians. Stephen soon abandons Tristian and joins Timmy and Aaron. Given the earlier hot session we witnessed between Stephen and Aaron, this is much less surprising than his willingness to let Timmy initiate the action with Aaron. After quickly stripping (he was “going commando”), Stephen does take charge of things, playfully tossing Aaron onto a futon, still willing to share him with Timmy. Curious (if not bi), Tristian can’t stay alone with his straight/lesbian porno. He wanders back to the futon, asking “What the hell are you guys doing? Never seen this before. You guys are just nasty.” This sets up Timmy for the best single line on the whole tape: “at least it ain’t women eatin’ each other.” By this time, Aaron’s lengthy cock is so rigid and springy that his buddies call it a “catapult” while playing with it.

There is lots of equal opportunity sucking and kissing among Timmy, Stephen, and Aaron, which Tristian can’t resist watching while rubbing himself through his baggy shorts. For a while Tristian retreats back to his straight porn, saying, “These guys are a little crazy for me.” We know that this craziness will keep pulling Tristain back, and soon he returns to the scene of the action with his boner out: “Thought I’d come see what you guys are up to.” What they’re up to is this: Stephen is swallowing all of Timmy’s hefty and slightly curved cock. This prompts an amazed Tristian to ask: “Geez, how much of that can you get in there. . . It just disappears. Amazing. I’ve never seen anything like this before.” This, in turn, prompts, Aaron to show Tristian that he can lick his own cock. Getting in for close look, Tristian says admiringly: “That’s quite a talent you have there, son. I’m surprised that you ever leave home.” But if Aaron never left home, he would miss out on getting fucked by Stephen. Which is what happens next, after some more playful foreplay, during which Aaron even teases that he needs a “microscope and tweezers” to find Stephen’s cock. After this inaccurate and unfair insult, Timmy accurately and fairly says to Stephen: “You’re gonna fuck him really hard now.” And, yes, he does fuck him hard. Tristian doesn’t even pretend not to be watching his buddies fuck and they put on a terrific, athletic fuck show. Before long, Stephen pulls out of Aaron’s ass, strips off his condom, and grunts out a major load (and I do mean GRUNTS), which the three players enjoy playing with. Aaron soon spews an even bigger load, “driven by frustration,” he says. Tim is “close to follow” with his own decent load, and everybody compares cumshots. Our three cocksuckers are about to see what kind of load a straight boy can produce. Well, not just any straight boy: Tristian, whom you may know, has become rather famous among Defiant’s skater boys for his “rocket” blasts. When Tristian, alone again on the couch, finally gets serious about getting off, the other three dudes turn the tables on him: they like to watch, too. Lining up behind him, Timmy, Aaron, and Stephen all watch Tristian very closely while he jacks off to his straight porn. Tristian does not disappoint his audience, on and off camera, ending the session with a massive and wild explosion, probably producing more straight boy cum in this single gusher than all three of the gay boys who freaked and inspired him. And that’s why THIS SUCKS!!!

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