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DescriptionOriginal upload: 2010-05-22 |
From the producers of Haze Him and Out in Public come the new Unglory Hole series.

Straight guys on their way to a gloryhole, only to get a bit more than what they expected. Secret gayness. Super gay.

Included are the 5 videos not posted so far.

Videos include:

Bait and switch!
Okay so this week we managed to Trick an unsuspecting dude that we met through the internet to come out and meet us at a local porn shop for a secret blow job from one of out "sexy ladies". Little did this poor chump know that it wasn't a chick servicing his meat flute, Instead we had another dude behind the glory hole going down on his rod. we set up some cams and told him we were going to him his reaction to this amazing blow job he was going to receive from our mystery lady. lol i know what you're thinking its a little fucked up but hey its what we do! we couldn't stop laughing at this dilweed. too bad for him this is up online so everyone can see. Haha oh sheer genius!

Unglorious Bastard
I met up with this guy J who I had been talking with on the phone the past few days. He was REALLY excited to check out the glory hole and get his dick sucked. So I decided to give him what he wanted.. sort of. He was a little nervous but once he saw the cutie on the other side of the hole he calmed down. We got this guy Seth to do the switch a roo, and J ended up getting one of the best blowjobs of his life from another guy. Classic.

A Nervous Nelly
Everyday another sucker is born. So we didnt have to look very far to find this one. In fact, he found us. He actually answered one of our ads, the poor bloke. It seemed like he might back out there for a second but like most of them all it took was a little persuasion. We had CHerry as the bueatiful bait and Tucker was the DIck sucker. That boy can suck some dick.

Wassup Fellaz??? We got another one!! This guy sent haze cash an email earlier this week interested in a blowjob from a "female"... Anyway, we met up at my little secret spot, this dude was excited and nervous at the same time, I wasn't sure what to make of him at first but by the time we left, turns out he wasn't that bad.... And boy was he happy with his "straight B J" LMAO.... Check it out.

oday we got a guy interested in a free blow job. He was asking a lot of questions about the girl behind the hole, he wanted to see her & we had to explain to him that she doesn't want to meet anyone, she just loves to suck cock! So after awhile he decides to proceed to his BJ from an unknown face (or gender) LOL... Anyway he had a BLAST!!! Check it out

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