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[Raging Stallion] Roid Rage

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DescriptionFor this journey to the outer limits of sexual excess, SLATER has recruited RAGING STALLION "MAN OF THE YEAR" JAKE DECKARD as his co-director and tour guide through this landscape of debauchery. Together these giants of sex and sin have produced a monument to the sheer power of animalistic erotic energy. Never before has a movie exuded such a hypnotic and overwhelming presence. Never before have the basest elements of animal lust been so portrayed. Never before has a video grabbed you by the short and curlies, dragged you by your bitch ass up to the screen, and made you smell the salty sweat. Cover the furniture with your play sheets, disconnect the phone, turn off your friggin' cell and grab the lube. This time we're not fuckin' around.
JDS & JD 2.0 searched the planet for the perfect cast, then with the skill of sexual alchemists constructed the meat piles of men and draped them like great art across a forgotten wet dreams backdrop. Poetically filmed and edited by BEN LEON, this title captures moments both sacred and profane of the fleeting fire and glory ignited by SLATER and DECKARD. It is an homage to perfectly pumped power-drunk penis-jockeys unlike anything you have experienced.
In a room filled with bare light bulbs, steel, mud and timber we find our three heroes reflecting in each other's mirror of masculinity. HUESSEIIN sits high above PIERO SIAS and SHANE ALEXANDER and considers which tasty piece to go for first. Piero is already on his back with his legs spread and his dick hard. Shane sits in the back corner with his hands in his jock. Huessein's dick is rock hard as he climbs down to join Piero and with a kiss these three massive men collide in the middle of a spillage of male hormones. From ass-eating to fucking, these three studs climb and crawl all over each other fighting for more dick. Huessein brings enough top energy for ten bottoms and dishes it out first to Piero and then to Shane. Piero takes his turn at bat pounding Shane, pumping deep up inside Shane's massive muscular body. With Huessein's big cock providing the force, the action shifts constantly for every fuck position three people can find and ends with a climax of huge proportions.
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