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Badmasterboys- Rent Discount

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Description35 % Trampling & Kicks & Slaps, 30 % Humiliation & Spit, 20 % Socks & Feets, 15 % Sneaks
Actually, Master Eugen and Master Manu feel quite comfortable in their new apartment. However they detect some small defects. That‘s why the demand a discount on their rent. But Helle, their landlord, absolutely refuses to even think about this request. Soon he will regret it 

Somehow, both Masters actually seem to be happy about the fact that their landlord is so bitchy. Both of them are in a really aggressive mood today and obviously they have only waited for a chance to let their aggressions out on a victim like Helle. 

What you will see in the upcoming half an hour will blow your mind. It is one of the hardest clips we have ever produced. Without warning, Helle gets overwhelmed and is turned into the main component of his young tenant‘s sadistic fantasies.

At first, Helle has to lick his Master‘s sneakers. Master Eugen wears a pair of white Adidas-sneakers, whereas Master Manu‘s white sneakers feature the Nike-logo.

The relaxing part is over soon. The Masters start beating and kicking their victim. Moreover,  he is spat on constantly. 

While Helle is busy taking off his tormentor‘s shoes by his mouth, Master Manu whips the victim with a belt. Shortly afterwards, Master Eugen takes off his belt too. Helle whimpers in pain. The strokes with the belt hurt so bad.

While Master Manu is sitting right on Helle, the slave is forced to soak the sweat out of Master Eugen‘s socks. 

But it gets even harder. Both Masters can‘t get enough and start a real torture orgy. They take a knife and cut through Helle‘s shirt until they can tear it down from his body. Now the strokes hurt even more. But this is still not enough. Master Eugen and Master Manu torture their landlord with hot candle wax. Even some nip torture is applied to push their claim of a discount on their rent. 

It‘s simply unbelievable what Helle has to go through. While beating him up, he is forced to take off the socks from his Master‘s feet. While Helle‘s tongue is now busy licking the bare feet of his tormentors, he still gets whipped, hot wax is poured all over him and he gets kicked and spat on. In between, both boys brush their teeth, only to spit the mixture of spit and toothpaste into Helle‘s mouth. 

The victim is squirming in pain. The strokes with the belt were very effective. Master Eugen and Master Manu have won. Their landlord is broken and willing to do anything they ask for. So both Masters got what they wanted, the rent is reduced.   


This clip is surely not for the squeamish. Here you have the chance to purchase a really extreme BMB video in which Master Eugen and Master Manu torture and humiliate their victim mercilessly. You would never expect those smart, friendly and innocent looking boys to be so mean and cruel. But find out for yourself. You won‘t regret it for sure!   
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