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Gerry comes to the office directly from wrestling practice. He missed the team examination and to compete, he needs a medical clearance for his school. Gerry returned to school to get his diploma and as part of the process of getting his life back together joined the wrestling team.
It pleased me immensely that Gerry made the wrestling team. He had problems with aggression and some illegal substances in the past and I took this as a very positive step that he made the wrestling team at school. Sports activity, especially wrestling, requires the type of dedication and discipline that he needed to get his life back on track.
The last time I examined Gerry, I noted that, for a young athlete, his blood pressure was a little high so I wanted to take it again and also introduce some stress testing as part of this examination. The top of his wrestling singlet was peeled down to allow the stethoscope to move across bare skin. I became aware of movement beneath the remaining part of his body that was covered with the singlet and to confirm my assumptions, I peeled the suit further, exposing his erect penis. To allow for a thorough genital examination, I had Gerry remove the singlet entirely, helping him slide it off of his legs. Free from its confinement, his penis pointed towards the heavens as my examination progressed.
A standing genital exam allowed me to continue to pump his semi-erect penis before returning him to the exam table to take his temperature rectally and perform a prostate examination. While he has experienced my finger conducting a prostate examination prior to this office visit, it is not a source of enjoyment for Gerry as evident by his loss of erection. Another source of displeasure is the urethral culture which was performed when I asked Gerry to turn over.
The stress testing portion was performed next as Gerry was put through a series of exercises. It was the final exercise of this visit that Gerry seemed to enjoy the most. Given the opportunity for some solitude, he worked his penis up to its full measurement of 8 inches in length. A few moments later, Gerry delivered (what appeared to be) a tasty specimen into the collection dish.

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