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If you want to get technical, the title here is a complete misnomer: there’s plenty of sex, but no story. Not that it matters, ’cuz these Swedish sexpots are young, smooth, devilishly cute and exceptionally well hung. And uncut. In fact, the boys are so yummy - and their oral and anal hijinx so deliciously naughty - that the beflustered editors over at S.E.V.P. and Blue Hotel have jumbled their pooled footage to the point of utter confusion.

To wit: Blue Hotel¬ís motif is pretty much the same as parent company S.E.V.P.¬ís - jock twinks sucking loads and receiving ass plows ¬Ė but, unlike S.E.V.P.-labeled bareback flicks, Blue Hotel titles have heretofore strictly adhered to showing the boys using condoms for fucking. Well brace yourselves, ¬ícuz there¬ís nary a latex-wrapped willy in sight here; the entire production is bare, raw, unwrapped, unprotected. Gasp! Did somebody grab the raw footage for S.E.V.P.¬ís Power Boys 12 and mistakenly relegate it to Blue Hotel? Sure seems that way.

Not that I’m complaining, mind you, because I dig bareback fantasy porn as much as the next red-blooded cock-hound (especially when said BB porn comes with an accompanying PSA warning against the risks of unsafe sex; there’s none in evidence here, however). Needless to say, I experienced a bit of whiplash because the last thing I ever expected to see in a Blue Hotel flick is all the raw heinie poking that goes on here.

The situations are as generic as the locations, but each scene is throbbing with boy lust and oozing with boy cream. Some reception room randiness kicks things off as two cuties slurp and rim and slam-plow without latex. Both boys receive a cum squirt to the torso.

The tile floor of a hopper room is the setting for the next session, a bareback fuck between a dark haired, dark brow’d stud hunk top and a sizzling smooth firebox bottom. Dark Brow greedily receives a gooey pearly moustache from Firebox.

Over in the laundry room, a short tasty lad undresses down to his bikini briefs. In walks a tall drink of hungness who proceeds to suck and finger-probe his short buddy on the countertop. During their fiery bareback piston fuck session, Tall Top repeatedly retracts his unsheathed bone all the way out of Cute Bottom’s grasping hole, leaving a gaping red eye spread wide open for further cock-lancing insertions.

Suddenly we’re outdoors, in some sort of tepee. Here we witness more deep-gobble suck jobs, more deeply buried unwrapped plowing and the administration of dual pearly necklaces.

Up next, a different firebox wearing flannel hooks up with a dark haired hunk clad in a black leather jacket; both strip to their white wife-beaters and commence with the slurpery and unprotected butt plowing.

The finale feels like some sort of ode to The Shining: we’re in a red-brick room that eerily resembles the blood-colored lavatory set from the Nicholson/Kubrick classic. Mercifully, Jack’s nowhere to be found here (he’s off somewhere with Dyan Cannon cussing out NBA referees). The two boisterous boys manage to make due without him, however, as they perform splendid suckery and versatile barebacked buggery on each other, climaxing with a splashy but needlessly slo-motion facial shot.
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