Second Initiation (Zeus Studios-Raging Stallion Studios 2001)

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Description(Zeus Studios-Raging Stallion Studios 2001)

This video is a sequel to Zeus and Raging Stallion Studios’ Initiation, starring the near-perfect “heavy-metal” body of Bryce Pierce in a seat-squirming, mouth-grimacing body assault. Apparently, his first Initiation didn’t take, so he has to (or gets to) go through it again.

Pierce is a walking lesson in male anatomy. His torso, legs and arms are worthy of Michelangelo, and his face is devilishly handsome. This guy is also one sick puppy. Forget the nipple rings, the navel ring, the Prince Albert cock-head ring, even the perineum ring (this guy is aptly named!) – there are at least five piercings through his cockshaft with small studs on either end that form two rows of steel.

ItÂ’s both beautiful and horrifying, fascinating and disturbing. And God, it must have hurt!

Second Initiation opens with Pierce lashed to a post, suspended by the wrists. Wearing only a head harness, leather shorts, a metal codpiece and black boots, he is an S&M version of Saint Sebastian, who himself knew a thing or two about piercings. An anonymous arm (Daddy Zeus, presumably) starts working him over, first with surgical clamps on his tits and then more than two dozen black clothespins stretching from his shoulders to his nipples and his sternum to his navel. A few more clothespins on the cock undershaft, between each stud, and this guy is “hung out to dry”.

Then the cat-o-nine-tails come out. It starts out almost tenderly, more of a wisp than a whip, but it builds in intensity as the devices are removed and the tender-red skin is laid bare. The whole session takes only fifteen minutes, but it feels a lot longer!

If Pierce is a metalsmith, Eddie Moreno is a draftsman, with intricate tattoos across his chest and right arm. Their pairing takes up the rest of the video. It begins slowly and seductively, as the men twist each other's nipples and suck face. Considering the pain these guys inflict on each other, one wouldnÂ’t expect them to be such great kissers. Or to smile so much, which is incredibly sexy and underscores the pleasure to be found behind the pain.

Ever hear of the play, “Lips Together, Teeth Apart”? Normally that’s the guideline for good cocksucking, but not for these two. Instead, it’s “Lips Together, Teeth Together” as they order each other to “chew on that cock”. To the viewer this may be more alarming than the clothespins! [Note to the directors: Next time, consider “Lips Apart, Teeth Together”; show their teeth as they chow down. (O God, their kinkiness has become contagious!)]

A brief pissing scene by Pierce - the stream going over the P.A. makes an interesting spray pattern - is followed by Moreno expanding his ass canal by riding a big black dildo for all its worth. He jumps on and off of it repeatedly, which gives the camera lots of intense penetration shots. Pierce, grinning madly, helps by holding the dildo down.

Given all this extreme action, the fuck finale by Moreno on Pierce is almost anticlimactic. ItÂ’s a fantastic pounding by two enthusiastic muscular studs, but it seems strangely vanilla after so much dark chocolate. It might have been better to put it before the dildo scene rather than after.

These are minor quibbles over a thoroughly delicious - if all too short - feast for fetish connoisseurs and neophytes both. For desert, the video ends with clips from the first Initiation, featuring metal clothespins, ball weights, and a gizmo like a tiny pizza cutter that grazes PierceÂ’s skin.

Man, oh man - this video hurts real good


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