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UK Naked Men - Dressed (Down & Dirty)

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DescriptionThe title refers to the fact that all of the scenes in “Dressed (Down and Dirty)” start with someone wearing some sort of finery, only to have it slowly removed in favor of sublime nudity. A British cast that runs the gamut from daddy to twink is uniformly excellent, showing off a parade of truly inspiring dicks and then the talent to handle them. There are some scenes that should be instant favorites, but there isn’t a clunker in the pack.

The movie starts in an elevator, Harry Louis, hunk with spikey brunet hair and tattoos, is being blown by a guy with a long curly mane, Damian Duke. Harry must be terribly important, because someone in his office is being harassed by phone calls wondering where he is. I can’t disagree with his choice to be in the elevator, because Damian guy gives him a good, if brief, blowjob that results in a mouthful of cum for the sucker.

“His Lordship” Harry is brought home, where he’s stripped by outrageously stunning Ross Hurston who was harassed on the phone, a wonderfully sexy man, a bit older, who obviously has experience dealing with the ever-horny kid, who has another boner ready. Ross chomps down on the Harry’s cock with knowing experience, magnificently able to deep-throat the awesome piece. The sublime blowjob is all about making love to the cock, with varying speeds and positions, but always heaving passion. Ross has a terrifically muscular body, down to which he strips so he can crouch atop his master and kiss him. Ross sits on his master’s dick and rides amazingly well. It’s a big piece, but Ross can take it all. This comes in handy when he’s fucked bent over by Harry, who is a nasty top, full of brutal speed and power. They also go missionary, equally nasty, until the Ross cums.

Harry and Ross are still horny! Harry is dressed in his most elegant finery, which happens to be a tuxedo top and kilt with no underwear on the bottom. Having been dressed, Harry wants to thank Ross and Damian for helping get him together, so they reach for his cock. Once again, Ross sucks with total abandon, though Damian is good too. He shows off when taking both Harry and Ross, sometimes together in his mouth. The fulfilling blowjobs have everyone pumping to shoot loads.

A very attractive Fred Oliver, in a shirt and tie is hanging from the ceiling, doesn’t seem upset by it. Also very handsome Lucas Knowles, in a shirt and tie, comes behind him and they kiss. Lucas then takes a scissors and cuts Fred’s clothes, revealing a pristine smooth body with a big tattoo at the navel. Right below that is a throbbing hard dick. Lucas is awfully attentive, pawing around Fred, kissing him and even tickling with ice cubes. He then sucks the massive pecker wonderfully. His style seems almost effortless as he dive-bombs down the full length of the cock over and over. All of this while still dressed. Fred is let free to suck Lucas, giving us yet another extremely heft piece of dickflesh. Both are uncut and tease their cocks together to show off that fact. Fred is placed in a chair both so he can suck and so Lucas can poke at his hole with the head of his cock. That teasing can’t last long in a scene brimming with erotic tension, so soon the Lucas is fucking Fred. Slow penetrating strokes assure his penis fits in fully. The camera is very close to the action, showing just how deep the top goes into the bottom, and his ever-increasing speed is very impressive. Fred shoots soon into the fuck and then Lucas pulls out to leave more jism on Fred’s abs.

Jake Ryder, in a suit goes to his car, to find one of the tires flat. He goes to the mechanic, massive husky Axel Ryder, who seems threatening. Once he stands up, Jake forgets he’s late for work, immediately under the spell of greasy Axel, who dots Jake’s white shirt with oil stains. Axel is the first to suck, gulping at the businessman’s enormous curved piece with oodles of style. Deep-throating is impossible, but that’s no matter because it’s so much fun. Axel has a thicker meat, attacked with the same lusty spirit by Jake. The guys lick around each other’s armpits to spice up the exciting oral action. They 69 on a pile of tires so the Jake is still blowing while Axel rims. The latter is ferocious and done in a few different positions to show how much Axel loves doing it. Axel then blows Jake again, resulting in a flashy cum blast from Jake. Jake licks his cum off the Axel’s body and then departs, leaving Axel to beat off solo.

Our least well-dressed group is found in a urinal. One guy wears just a T-shirt and pants, while Darren Robins is in a one-piece uniform. A third man, young Andy O’Neill, in a green Polo shirt, enters the bathroom and he’s much more obvious than the guy in the T-shirt, who hides in a stall and watches as the two at the urinal get hard for each other. Darren returns to the first man and they start to play with some aggressive groping. Both are big beefy types. Andy watches a few feet away, nursing his hardon as Darren delivers a stunning deep-throat to the guy who has taken off his T-shirt. It’s a magnificent sucking. They switch places. The other is not a great sucker, but Andy is still delighted, now fingering his ass a bit while still jacking off. Matt Hughes, wearing a suit, enters. Matt wields one of the biggest dicks in all of porn and he gets it hard for Andy, who watches with mouthwatering impatience as the other guys are left to make out. Andy finally gets to suck Matt, taking his time to enjoy the growing inches the blond superstar is offering. Andy sucks like it’s the last cock he’s ever going to taste. I can’t blame him, because having sucked Matt Hughes, there are few challenges left! The other two at the stalls are still swapping blowjobs, but the focus has shifted to Matt being pleasured by Andy. Andy is so focused that the other two guys find themselves watching more than working. This kid attacks Matt’s phenomenal pole with such ardor. After a tiny amount of rimming, it’s time to fuck. The guy who had the T-shirt fucks Darren while Andy of course gets it from Matt. Matt is so punishing. He always insists on complete depth, and since his dick is so enormous, I’m not sure where it all fits inside Andy, but it does. Not only does it fit, but it goes in and out with colossal energy. An extra layer is added to the fun when Andy is given the T-shirt guy’s cock to blow while getting hammered by Matt. The sucked dick has a giant spray to release all over Andy’s face and shoulder, with no let-up in Matt’s fucking, by the way. Andy takes another facial from Matt before he gets to cum.

Musicians are our next lot. Rocco Banks, an incredibly good looking man with a goatee is manning the drums while Thierry Lamasse, with a receding hairline and the most engaging smile, strums a guitar. Rocco decides they need to have sex for more inspiration and from the moment they start kissing, their energy is off the charts. Rocco is easily my pick for the sexiest man in the movie, both for his looks and his aura. He also has another of the film’s outrageously huge pricks, though it’s devoured so well by his friend that sometimes it disappears for long periods. Rocco is insistent on a deep-throat, and he gets it. Thierry has a fat cock, ideal for Rocco’s oral prowess. The graying Rocco then eats his band mate’s ass with fiery pluck, still managing to suck as well. Rocco is then fucked raw. These guys are so full of gusto, it’s unbelievable, and it seems to stem from a true mutual attraction. The long graceful thrusts from Thierry go slamming into Rocco’s ass so speedily, I thought I was watching on fast-forward at times. Rocco rides Thierry, with the same pep. Then they even got at it sideways. There is simply no stopping them. Thierry pulls out briefly to cum, pushing most of it deep into the Rocco’s ass when he re-inserts, staying in there until Rocco is ready to burst.

The final scene gives us two very differently dressed men. The first is a British bobby, Kyle Lucas, writing a ticket to a man sitting in a car in a shirt and tie, the sinfully swaggering Dillon Buck. Hairy Dillon in the car is also a cop, undercover. He forces the Kyle into the car, figuring the bobby can make up for blowing his cover by blowing his dick. The spry young policeman is taken inside by grizzly super-sexy Dillon where they kiss for a bit. Then Kyle is made to suck dick, and he chews the full girth of this inspiring pecker to perfection. It’s long and thick, enough for two men, but the big-lipped bobby is more than capable all by himself. In a movie filled with giant dicks, Dillon’s is the tastiest, so it’s only fair that it’s given so much time to be sucked. Dillon pushes Kyle against the wall, stripping him down to the juiciest bubble-butt. This rounded rump is going to make a spectacular fucking canvass. Roger that, folks, because when Dillon slams it into Kyle, a magic fuck ensues. Watching every last curved fat inch disappear should be frightening, but the bottom is obviously experienced and manages brilliantly. Kyle winces and bites his hand now and then, but Dillon doesn’t stop. And, if we need further proof that Kyle really does like it, we get it when he sits on Dillon and manages to take him to the base. Dillon drops a load on his bottom’s face and into his mouth, with Kyle sucking him clean. That’s his inspiration to pop off too.

Produced in:  United Kingdom, 2007 
Released: November 2009
Studio: UK Naked Men 
Directed by: Jonno
Cast: Andy O'Neill, Axel Ryder, Damian Duke, Darren Robins, Dillon Buck, Fred Olivier, Harry Louis, Jake Ryder, Kyle Lucas, Lucas Knowles, Matt Hughes, Rocco Banks, Ross Hurston, Thierry Lamasse, Tyson 

Length: 02h 21m 29s
Resolution: 720 X 480

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