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2-Disc Set. Ben Leon returns in full-force in a brand new double disc set of non-stop f*cking action in PLAYBACK. With an eye for good angles, soft light, and hard dick, Leon brings the viewer into the shadows of an empty warehouse where Raging Stallion`s finest perform at the top of their game. What happens when no one is paying attention but the security camera`s are on record? A lot of hot sex in every corner.

Director: Ben Leon
Producer: Michael Brandon
Length: 3 hrs. 59 mins.
Released: Jun 02 2021
Production Year: 2007

Martin Mazza
Roman Ragazzi
Barrett Long
Max Blue
Dirk Jagar
Justin Christopher
Jake Deckard
Remy Delaine
Trey Casteel
Marcos David
J. St. Miguel


1. Jake Deckard & Remy Delaine: Jake Deckard is tearing at Remy Delaine in the elevator. Jake's dick is first out and followed quickly by Remy's big fat cock popping out of his underwear. These men are hard and ready for some action, mashing into each other and rubbing dicks together. But Remy wants to suck Jake off. He gets onto his knees and stares up into Jake's beautiful muscled chest and hairy pecs as he swallows Jake down. As Remy swallows, Jake reaches down to spread Remy's famous ass cheeks to reveal Remy's perfect hairy butthole. Remy's dick is a mouthful and Jake chokes on it as he forces it down. But the real event is the flip-flop fucking. Jake's ass is first to get ridden after a hot round of ass eating. Remy digs in with his tongue and then with his fat uncut cock giving Jake the ride of his life. Remy pounds away until his ass is begging for it. Jake takes his turn both aggressive and sweet, teasing Remy's asshole and then giving all he's got. Jake lays back and Remy climbs on top. With Jake pumping and Remy bouncing up and down the fucking is over the top. For cum-shots, Remy gets on his knees and sucks Jake off until they both shoot.

2. Martin Mazza already has Dirk Jager's cock in his mouth as the scene opens. Dirk likes to make men choke and Martin is no exception. Martin receives the full force of Dirk's dick from many different angles. With Martin on his back Dirk force feeds him, pushing deep down into his struggling throat. The spit flies as every inch of Dirk's dick is attended to. Martin is a beautiful and willing boy, with a nice hairy chest, a short kept beard and tattoos framing his muscles, but Martin's ass is the star of this show and Dirk drills him. Every muscle of Dirk's incredible body pops as he pumps Martin full of dick. Dirk has amazing abs, each band of muscle tensing up as he penetrates Martin. As these men fuck on an old wooden ramp the legs shake with each stroke. When Martin lays on his back we get to see the rest of this beautiful man, the tattoo along his side and his fat cock. Dirk fucks Martin until he shoots and Dirk is quick to follow

3. Barrett Long is alone in the video surveillance room. But Barrett is not looking at the monitors, he's paying much more attention to his own huge dick. Barrett ...

4. Remy Delaine appears wtih Martin Mazza and J. St. Miguel. This threeway begins with playfulness and moves quickly to passion.

5. Max Blue sits and plays with himself in the dark. Lucky for Max, Trey Casteel comes along to give Max what he needs.

6. These two huge dicks need of some attention. Marcos David has a big one and Justin Christopher is happy to service him. But Justin's dick is massive too and needs the same attention. Marcos works from the bottom to the top of Justin's inch cock with his lips and tongue making sure to get the whole thing wet. Justin wants to taste some more dick before it goes up his ass so he gets back on his knees for a second round of Marcos's big uncut cock. Justin offers up his ass and Marcos lunges in. Marcos loosens Justin's asshole up with his tongue before driving that fat dick of his deep inside. When Justin blows his load with Marcos still inside of him it pushes Marcos over the edge.

7. Dirk Jager and Remy Delaine tear each other apart in this scene.

8. When Roman Ragazzi whips Barrett Long's monster cock out of Barrett's pants you can hear the excitement.

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