♺ Stretch his Ass Collection - Part #1 of 9

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Original upload: 2010-10-21 |
Young, hot boys completely destroying each others asses. Most episodes have two tops and a single twink bottom. Toy sex at first, then continuing all bareback.

My upload will be split in 9 chunks, each containing 5 or 4 clips in high resolution.

Format: AVI and WMV files.
Duration: ca. 20 minutes each clip

Some quotes from the website, giving you an idea what to expect �

My god, this is just fantastic. The guys do a young dude with a gigantic dildo! His ass seems to be bursting at the seams as they shove the huge thing in there completely. What will happen to the guys' rear hole in the end? The two friends get a sore fuck hole which they fill with their rods in turns!

The assfuckers crew just got some new weapons! We wonder who will be lucky enough to try them first. Whose ass will have a super long red dildo screwed into? Whose hole will be widened with four hands? Whose red, pulsating, sore hole will that be?

What a lovely guy, looks like he's enjoying anything given to him! Let's see his smile when a giant rubber shaft will enter his dearest hole, not just a long thing to take, but a damn hard one, too. Will it fit all the way in there? The guys will try hard, that's for sure.

Now look what the perverts are doing to a young student. The guy remains patient while they fill his ass with whatever they can. One of the friends fists this hot butt for a while, but this is only the beginning. Look, they filled him with a huge plug and now they can't pull it out!

What do you think, can our hardcore guys know the secret for absolute, 100% sex pleasure? They are checking out some new stuff this time. They want to know what sounds will a perfectly young guy make with a pump around his cock, a dildo in hi butt, and two dicks in his wet hot mouth.

Wow, there is a straight guy in the gay whorehouse! Looks like his butt will have to handle a lot. Look, the guys have no mercy for the straight dude, skullfucking him till he gags real hard. We can only wonder what kinds of tools will be used to teach his hot ass some obedience.

This time the guys chose a complete stranger. They did so much tricking that soon he found himself naked with a dick in his mouth. His near-virgin ass checked out the longest and hardest tools that day. Watch as one of them moves the buttocks apart while the other is already probing the hole with his cock. And the stranger seems to like it!

The day was definitely going to end with a boring evening. But how can two depraved sex pigs allow that to happen? They are about to turn a regular evening into an unforgettable sex adventure. They invited their friend around and had a bet about whether his ass would be able to accept anything but a finger. They were not satisfied with using dildos, so they just fucked the shit of of him together, finishing the picture with thick streams of their cum.

The friends know ways to have fun and help their guests to have fun. Stranger and stranger tools appear on their white table. The guys are here to have experiments! And now their guest is no less interested. Of course, such variety can be seen only in sex stores. The guy is really lucky to experience all this stuff working on his horny asshole. And when he will feel his butt being torn apart, he would remember plain hardcore sex as something perfectly sweet and enjoyable!

Have no sucking experience? Get a shaft up your butt! This is exactly what a new friend of our couple needs here. In fact, his filthy behind will get a lot today, including 10 fingers of one of the guys, and a couple of giant rubber cocks. And this will be followed by so much sperm his bum will be drowned!

Just how wide an ass can get being used and abused? This is the question our restless friends are trying to fins an answer to. They know for sure that you have to spit on a rubber cock to make it go deeper into a real tight hole! The guy has to suck on two dongs first, but this is child play comparing to the ass-devastating stuff which awaits him later on.

Wanna check out a genuine defloration scene? You are in the right place for that! The guy wanted to lose his anal virginity, and he chose these two ass bandits for that � a smart choice. He knew what he was facing. He knew his tight little opening will be torn, devastated, fucked hard, stuffed with long wide toys. But is that an obstacle for one truly on a quest for pleasure?

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