Requested - Muscle god

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Muscle_god from Chaturbate, recent videos.
Video with "no cum" have no cumshot in them, the other yes (I didn't specify because usually I keep only video with cumshot)

NOTICE: As I usually don't keep cam show without cumshot (it would be too space consuming), I posted all the video I currently have answering to a request, but as soon as they will be seeded by someone other, I will delete the "no cum" videos and reorder the others in my HD, so I will not be able to reseed the torrent later. Maybe you will find the files I'll keep in other collection later.

The video are as they come from the stream, only quickly converted in mp4.

File list

muscle_god_20150907034111.mp4                          1.01 GB
muscle_god_20150910051802 - no cum.mp4        314.27 MB
muscle_god_20150910061524 - no cum.mp4        152.00 MB
muscle_god_20150910064454 - no cum.mp4          87.63 MB
muscle_god_20150910070807 - no cum.mp4          45.88 MB
muscle_god_20150910072020 - no cum.mp4          63.68 MB
muscle_god_20150910073230.mp4                      155.09 MB
muscle_god_20150911044908 - no cum.mp4        694.74 MB
muscle_god_20150914040655.mp4                      933.24 MB
muscle_god_20150915050444.mp4                      680.26 MB

2015-09-17 22:03:40
4.07 GB (4,366,410,583 bytes)
10 files