Iron Horse Studio Hard Package scene 1 2 and 3

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Dashing young deliveryman Eric York, delivers a package of videos to a young gay man on his route.
In addidtion to signing for the package Eric offers his cock.  The customer sucks and is fucked by Eric in the living room
until they move to the customer's bedroom.  While continuing their trist in
the bedroom Eric's older mansculine and furry route supervisor shows up, looking for Eric.  He says we've got packages to deliver
but sees that Eric has gotten busy with this delivery.  The supervisor joins in and plunges his dick down Eric's throat. 
Eric ends up fucking the customer, and then he gets nailed by his supervisor.

A patio delivery evolves into a shared cigar, to a shared blowjobs between the handsome young deliveryman and a
furry daddy.
2010-06-05 07:16:21
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