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Neighborhood Rec Room

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Description“Joe Gage Sex Files #9: Neighborhood Rec Room”

(Dragon Media Corporation)

Web: http://www.RayDragonVideo.com
Web: http://www.RayDragon.com
Web: http://www.JoeGage.com

Director: Joe Gage a.k.a. Mac Larson ( http://JoeGage.com )


Colby Keller ( http://bigshoediaries.blogspot.com )
Tommy Deluca ( http://tommydelucax.com )
Gavin Waters ( http://twitter.com/XXXGavinWaters )
Preston Steel ( http://twitter.com/prestonsteelxxx )
Josh Kole ( http://modelmayhem.com/513957 )

Pulaski County, Kentucky must be one hotbed of anonymous gay sex, at least if we are to believe this amazingly intense offering by director Joe Gage, whose fantasies always translate beautifully to screen.

In the first of five scenes (“Siesta in a Crowded House”), a hot, sleeping stud (Tommy Deluca) is slowly awakened by the hand that gropes him through his underwear. When his uncut dick emerges, it’s a slow, sleepy awakening for the cock, which rises to the occasion beautifully. The unseen stroker continues to manipulate this stud’s delicious-looking dick until it explodes with spunk, a hot, wet load that looks as tasty as everything else about this slumbering beauty, who ends the scene with one word: “Dad?”

Next, in “What’s Going on Down Here?,” a silver daddy (Josh Kole) and a hot stud get together to plan how the rec room will be designed. The men sit side by side and stroke their cocks to straight porn (and Daddy is one hung silver fox), until daddy can’t take it any longer and goes down on his buddy. Buddy gets a mouth and ass full of Dad’s cock, too, giving up his taut, beautiful ass to be pounded from behind. After Dad has reamed it out until he’s close to cumming, the two stand side by side and jerk out their loads while Dad tweaks his buddy’s nips. Dad shoots his load into his buddy’s waiting mouth at the end.

“Vote Early, Vote Often” has a hunky stud (Colby Keller) opening his door to a campaigning politician (Gavin Waters) only to invite him in and stroke and suck his uncut dick. Later, the politician campaigns harder by fucking the homeowner hard. Later, the politician sits on the owner’s cock, riding it until the homeowner can’t take it any more, pulls out, and unloads a huge shot of jism.

Well, you know, when “Clothes Gettin’ in the Way”: happens, the best thing to do is shuck them off, which is what happens in the next scene. The stud from the second scene grabs onto the bearded dude he’s with (Preston Steele) and goes down on him, and in the end, also gets fucked, taking the dude from behind. The cum-shot delivered by the bearded dude is awesome, a real jet of hot spunk, aimed at the bottom’s waiting mouth. He leans in and cleans it off while he jerks his own cock to a finish.

The big finale brings the old line “Have You Ever Played With a Man’s Dick Before?” to a great new arena, using the daddy from the second scene (Josh Kole), and the sleeping dude from the opener (Tommy Deluca), in a three-way with a younger stud. The younger dude sucks Daddy and the sleeper in tandem, and then the sleeper does the same thing for the other two dudes. Daddy uses his huge hot cock to probe sleeper’s hole, pronging the younger dude first to show him how it’s done. This scene rocks with action, and Daddy’s huge cock gets both the younger dude’s holes one after the other. After they’ve traded off riding Daddy’s cock, they lean in close tor a big load of Daddy’s spunk.
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