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DescriptionOriginal upload: 2010-04-18 |

Themes: Anal Sex, Bareback Sex, Big Cocks, DVD, Oral Sex, Rimming, Smooth Dudes, Uncut Cock, Young.
Starring: Ashton, Justin, Brandon, Angel, Steven, Rj, Tyler, Kaleb, Gavin
Studio: Reality Kings
Duration: 90 minutes

"The first all amateur gay site on the web. Guys swinging the other way for the first time and getting filmed in the process!"

Scene One:

Ashton (cute with dark hair, smooth/ slender body) and his pal Justin (cute with punky brown hair, a lil' facial hair, facial piercing, slender/smooth body) are sitting out in the middle of a field nervously waiting to get down to business. For some unknown reason, there are a number of RVs parked in this field. The dudes claim to be nervous since this is their "first time" but quickly loose any inhibitions once the heavy making out with wet tongues kicks into gear. The guys yank off their tee shirts showing off smooth chests leading Justin to stand up, drop his drawers, and reveal his dark trimmed pubes, big balls, and hard uncut cock. Ashton licks his way down his buddy's chest and ends up deep throating that unclipped tool as Justin guides his head. Following the lead, Aston stands up yanking his shorts and briefs down allowing his trimmed bush, big ol' nuts, and large hard clipped cock some fresh air. Of course, Justin chows down on that big dong.

The dudes get into a sixty-nine with Justin on top as both get down to some serious cock sucking. There's a nice camera shot from behind of Justin's tight hairy bunghole as he crams as much of Ashton's fat cock down his throat as he can. Justin sinks down on Ashton's hard tool riding the large member up 'n down and filling his tight twink hole with meat. Ashton switches up and fucks Justin from behind using a quick humping technique. There's another cool camera shot from behind this time of Ashton's tight shaved starfish as he services his pal with short bunny humps. To finish up, the dudes beat off with Ashton shooting a large thick load of cock snot on Justin's stomach. Justin dumps thick jizz on his stomach so that he is covered in cum.

Scene Two:

Tyler (very cute with short brown hair, toned/smooth body) and his buddy R.J. (cute with short brown hair, slender/smooth body) are both dressed in baggy blue jeans while slouching on the bed. The dudes claim to have known each other for a long time but have never fooled around. Hmmm. Okay. They get the long-awaited party started with deep tongue kissing as their hands explore each other's bodies. Tyler opens R.J.'s jeans exposing his trimmed pubes and cut cock. He chows down on that prick grabbing the veiny shaft with his right fist while working his wet mouth up 'n down the shaft. R.J. grabs Tyler's large clipped member sucking, stroking, and rubbing those nuts. That's some very good head. R.J. fucks Tyler tight shaved touchhole in the missionary position as Tyler beats his hard meat. R.J. plows that asshole with some very hot fucking. Tyler busts a very large nut covering his stomach with those thick juices. R.J. squirts a huge thick load on Tyler's chest so that he is completely covered in man-juice. Hot loads!

Scene Three:

Mario (cute with black hair, slender/smooth body) and his pal Todd (cute with dark hair in military buzz cut, slender/smooth body, sexy deep voice) are outside being interviewed with very bad sound. Mario is wearing a "Future Rock Star" tee shirt. Back at Mario's place, the pals get down to some serious soul kissing tasting those tongues. Stripping down, the dudes show off their smooth chests leading Mario to play with Todd's very sexy hard pink nipples. Mario stands up pulling down his baggy blue jeans and showing off his shortly trimmed pubes, plump nuts, and cut tool. Todd sucks that hard cock completely filling his mouth with twink pork giving a very nice blowjob. Mario rubs his large purple cock knob against Todd's tight shaved bunghole prepping for what is to come, so to speak. Mario has a taste for cock and ends up taking Todd's stiff clipped pole into his mouth sliding up ' n down the stalk, rubbing nuts, and giving an excellent jaw job.

Todd plays the ol' sink/bounce on Mario's rigid prong sliding quickly up 'n down obviously digging having that hard dork crammed into his tight twink-chute. Switching up, Mario plows Todd's asshole from behind using fast 'n smooth strokes. Fucking Todd in the missionary position, Mario continues his fast 'n hard drilling until Todd shoots a thick load on his stomach. Hot load! Mario beats the hell out of his cock and shoots a thick load on Todd's face and chest. Hot!

Scene Four:

Angel (twink with brown punky hair, fem plucked eyebrows, pierced bottom lip, toned/smooth body) and his neighbor Steven (cute with black/blond punk-ish hair, slender/smooth body) are slouching around on a bed, which leads to some kissing with deep tongue and body rubbing. The guys yank their shirts off revealing smooth chests leading Angel to lick, suck, and bite Steven's hard nipples. Steven kisses and licks the bulge in Angel's tight red briefs, pulls 'em down to expose a trimmed bush, big ol' plump nuts, and a large cut cock. Steven goes to town on that hog as Angel slowly fucks his wet mouth. Angel rubs his chubby dong all over Steven's face to show him whose boss. Angel undoes Steven's blue jeans, pulls 'em down, and reveals his shaved pubes, nice balls, and uncut dick. Angel sucks that cock to full hardness working that big purple knob with plenty of deep throat.

Angel enters Steven's tight hairy asshole in the side/missionary position slowly working his big cock in and out of that super tight "virgin" manhole. Fucking fast 'n smooth, Angel happily doles out the butt sex as his huge bull balls swing along for the ride. He switched to fucking Steven from behind fast 'n hard filling that hole with pork. The missionary position is next on the sexual agenda as Angel drills that hole and Steven frantically beats off working his foreskin quickly up 'n over the moist knob. Steven cuts loose with a thick load of spooge on his stomach while Angel shoots a large thick load on Steven's stomach. Hot load!

Scene Five:

Brandon (cute with short black hair, slender/smooth body) is hanging outside with his buddy Travers (cute with short dark hair, a lil' facial hair, baseball cap, average/smooth body). The dudes talk about their music, singing, and rocking out on guitar. It seems that a while back, both dudes were drunk 'n horny while watching straight porn and played with each other's cocks. Brandon wants the audience to know that "we are definitely not gay". Yeah, right. If anyone believes that, I have some beautiful property located near Three Mile Island that would be perfect for a new home. Back at someone's apartment, the dudes are in bed watching more straight smut. The friends undress with Brandon showing off his hot full dark bush, plump balls, and equally plump clipped dong. Travers is equally eager to reveal his dark trimmed pubes and cut dick.

The dudes lay back in bed stroking their cocks when Brandon reaches over and begins to jack his pal's tool. Travers follows this simple lead reaching over and wrapping his fist around Brandon's big dong. Excited beyond control, Brandon chows down on his buddy's cock jacking the hard shaft and slobbering up and down giving some good head. Brandon ends up holding Travers' head and fucking his face. Travers cradles Brandon's big nuts in his palm leading to licking, sucking, and taking both large nuts into his mouth at the same time. Brandon fucks Travers' tight shaved asshole in the missionary position but turns down an offer of some sex toys because he's not "that gay". What a dipshit. He fucks his pal fast, hard, and smooth but I guess that isn't "too gay". Ha! Brandon repositions Travers and drills that hole from behind filling the air with plenty of "Oh yeah! Oh Yeah, baby!" There's a nice camera shot from below of Brandon's hairy slappy nuts and hairy gooch as he fucks his friend. Travers shoots a thick load on his stomach while Brandon shoots a large wet load on Travers'neck and chest. Hot dudes!
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