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Evan Cobb and Julien Hussey

Everybody last month was talking online about  Evan Cobb. In a bit of a follow on from their photosession together, Evan and Julien are back today to show you things really went when Marty put away his still camera and picked up the video.  Evan has a bit of the bad boy about him: killer eyes and some tats with teen boy street cred, as well as being one champion fucker.  Julien has very sensual lips and wastes no time putting them to work on Evan's hard cock, sucking and licking until he is moaning with delight.  Evan puts his tongue to a similar use on his buddies tight hole while Julien writhes underneath begging for something more than a tongue.

Erik Bouna, Gaelen Binoche and Marco Bill

These 3 are relatively new guys to BelAmi, but that does not prevent them from giving a stellar performance here. Gaelan has a lovely fat cock that the other 2 really appreciate sucking. Marco is quite well hung as well and when it comes to the fucking, Erik is in heaven as the other two take turns to plow his welcoming ass.

You may remember Erik as one of the new studs from our Budapest studio and his performance in A+ with Luke and Alex, and also the fact that he was one of the lucky guys to be plowed by Kris Evans.

In this scene he meets Gaelan but the not too subtle means of dropping his keys right in front of him, and after a very brief chat up line the boys head inside only to discover Marco in bed with his laptop... jerking off.  Things from there take their usual course when 3 horny guys get together.

Evan Cobb and Val Horner

This is a scene of light and dark (and if the eyes are anything to go by, good boy, bad boy)  Blonde Evan getting to fuck dark Val.  We start here in the most romantic of places: the toilet.  Evan is sitting there playing with his dick while Val is in the shower (already half hard).  When Evan agrees to 'dry off' Val, I am sure that getting dry was the last thing on his mind.  The pair share a few quick embraces before it is off to the couch where Evan makes sure he has his buddies cock fully hard before shoving it down his throat.  Val, on the other hand is not a natural born sucker, but gives it his best shot before giving in and letting Evan stick his cock into a much more receptive hole.  Val is rock hard the whole way through the scene and shows his appreciation for a good fucking by shooting a mammoth load all over his chest.

Leo Stiller & Joe Haneke

Both of these guys are new to us here at BelAmiOnline, and what a better way to meet them than at the bar.  Leo gets to play the role of the barman in this scene, with Joe being the lone guy with no friends sitting there with his drink.  It only takes a few shots to loosen up our Joe and before you can say 'Bob's you uncle' Leo is putting the moves on him and shutting up the bar.  Both guys are quite slim, but there is nothing slim about what they keep hidden under their trousers.  Before we get to the fucking here we are treated to some nice close up rimming shots (Thank you Mr Ridgeston) to get us warmed up.  You can really tell how much Joe like having Leo's cock up his ass, jerking his hard cock in time with the thrusting from Leo, and shots his load while still having his ass plowed.

Ben Bennet and Leon Bares

After a striptease show in a bar where Ben works he meets up with smitten Leon Bares. Leon manages to convince the barman to go home leaving the two guys alone in the bar. They straight away put together a makeshift bed on the dance platform and get down to the action. It is more hard cocks all around as Ben fucks Leon every which way he can before swapping roles and Leon returning the favor.

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