Black Wrestling Network - Abduction - Creating X-Terminator

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DescriptionAfter being thoroughly destroyed by Babyboy in their Barnstorm match, Evan is found on his back, covered in mud, and completely crushed physically and mentally.

The Freak Show finds him.

They will rebuild him, recruit him, and create an unstoppable monster of their own design, using the little guy they found in an equally helpless situation: Curtis (after being destroyed by Mbuntu).

Wonderful shots of Evan's long, lean physique and muscled shape drenched in the cleansing water that Curtis uses to clean him off and feel him up!

Afterwards, Curtis has his way with Evan enjoying his body and slowly rebuilding him...

...but then Evan awakes!

Confused as to his whereabouts and what's going on, Evan fights and would easily destroy Curtis except for the injured knee that he's fighting with, courtesy of Babyboy, and the one that Curtis was rebuilding.

Every time he feels himself losing, Curtis just goes to the knee and immediately brings the big man down in agony as his busted knee throbs under the tape Curtis put on it.

Again and again, Evan gets up to try to fight his way out of the situation but eventually he discovers that not only was he unable to defeat the much smaller Babyboy, but due to the knee injury he's now also at the mercy of Curtis.

The shame of being dominated by a small guy runs through Evan as he agonizes, pouring all of his effort into resisting and achieving some truly dominant moments...

...but ultimately, they are all taken away from him by a simple strike to the knee and he's back at the feet of Curtis.

Evan tries choking, stretching, squeezing Curtis...but when it becomes clear that his bad knee will allow him no real chance at victory, he agrees to bend it and learn his new role as the Freak Show's monster, submitting himself to his owner Curtis and doing whatever he instructs.

The Freak Show is slowly coming together!
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