♺ Collection of Studs Manipulated by Hypnosis

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DescriptionOriginal upload: 2016-07-03 |
the induction of a state of consciousness in which a person apparently loses the power of voluntary action and is highly responsive to suggestion or direction.

Young alpha studs stripped, manipulated, milked. made to do sexual things that ordinarily, these straight studs would never think of.

snap_hypnosis.mp4 75.43 MB
Hypnotized Cop 2.mov.vtx 159.89 kB
HYPNO3Wk1.mov.vtx 163.52 kB
Sebastian Young Hypnotized2.mov 57.32 MB
HK Medallion Of Power.mp4.vtx 156.47 kB
MADDOC1.wmv 47.01 MB
Homophobic Cop Hypnosis.mp4 768.31 MB
Vr-Hypno1.mov.vtx 154.09 kB
snap_hypnosis.mp4.jpg 181.07 kB
Hypnotized Cop 2.mov 25.94 MB
Hypnotized Cop 1.mov 31.80 MB
HYPNO2-Wk2.mov 21.81 MB
HYPNO3Wk2.mov.jpg 159.96 kB
HK Medallion Of Power.mp4.jpg 156.47 kB
HYPNO3Wk1.mov.jpg 163.52 kB
Homophobic Cop Hypnosis.mp4.vtx 202.54 kB
Vr-Hypno1.mov.jpg 154.09 kB
Aspen Hypnotized by Dr. Lance Hart.mp4 178.12 MB
MADDOC1.wmv.jpg 220.51 kB
HYPNO2-Wk2.mov.jpg 164.65 kB
Vr-Hypno3.mov.jpg 146.15 kB
Hypnotized Cop 1.mov.vtx 152.66 kB
Hypnotized Cop 2.mov.jpg 159.89 kB
Vr-Hypno2.mov.vtx 164.09 kB
MADDOC2.wmv.vtx 213.74 kB
Sebastian Young Hypnotized2.mov.vtx 166.35 kB
MADDOC1.wmv.vtx 220.51 kB
HYPNO3Wk1.mov 32.51 MB
Vr-Hypno1.mov 22.84 MB
MADDOC2.wmv 39.21 MB
Sebastian Young Hypnotized2.mov.jpg 166.35 kB
HYPNO3Wk2.mov 34.18 MB
Aspen Hypnotized by Dr. Lance Hart.mp4.jpg 171.81 kB
Vr-Hypno3.mov 30.29 MB
snap_hypnosis.mp4.vtx 181.07 kB
Aspen Hypnotized by Dr. Lance Hart.mp4.vtx 171.81 kB
HK Medallion Of Power.mp4 972.99 MB
Vr-Hypno2.mov 17.45 MB
HYPNO2-Wk2.mov.vtx 164.65 kB
Vr-Hypno3.mov.vtx 146.15 kB
HYPNO3Wk2.mov.vtx 159.96 kB
Hypnotized Cop 1.mov.jpg 152.66 kB
MADDOC2.wmv.jpg 213.74 kB
Vr-Hypno2.mov.jpg 164.09 kB
Homophobic Cop Hypnosis.mp4.jpg 202.54 kB
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