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SC - SeanCody - Dean Collection Pack

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DescriptionSo my #2 of hottest SeanCody men is... Dean!

Dean is the textbook definition of a bro- totally 'woah' and 'yeaaah' and 'I’m down with that!'.
It’s incredibly hot to watch because he never quite crosses the line into sounding like a douche-bag- it all seems genuinely charming and goofy.
Plus, he can do back-flips. Isn’t there something stupidly hot about that? *drool*

He’s got a stunning body, an open personality and a handsome face, a perfect mixture of cute and hot, plus he’s totally versatile, so we get to see him taking as well as giving a good ass-fucking.
He’s a poster boy of SeanCody and I always want more more more of him!

So here's a collection of 14 scenes, where he's giving it, getting it and just being his damn sexy self:

SeanCody - Bareback Threeway with Jayden, Brodie & Dean (1982).mkv
SeanCody - Brandon & Dean - Bareback (1777).mkv
SeanCody - Dean & David - Bareback (1877).mkv
SeanCody - Dean & Duncan - Flip-Fuck Bareback (1785).mkv
SeanCody - Dean & Eddie - Flip-Fuck Bareback (1807).mkv
SeanCody - Dean & Jack - Bareback (1821).mkv
SeanCody - Dean & Joey - Bareback (1901).mkv
SeanCody - Dean & Ollie - Flip-Fuck Bareback (1933).mkv
SeanCody - Dean & Porter - Bareback (1863).mkv
SeanCody - Dean & Tate - Bareback (1947).mkv
SeanCody - Dean (1762).mkv
SeanCody - Dusty & Dean - Bareback (1799).mkv
SeanCody - Jayden & Dean - Bareback (1833).mkv
SeanCody - Perry & Dean - Flip-Fuck Bareback (1891).mkv

Again for convenience I converted all files to .mkv mainly because same quality=less size.

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Enjoy and if you have a wish for something for me to upload write a comment and I'll see what I can do.

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