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Trade Off

Cast:  Ryan Idol, Axel Garret, B.J. Slater, Danny Sommers, Lon Flexx, Mark Brandon, Michael Parks

Length: 1 hr 24 min

Year: 1992

Studio :  All Worlds Video

One of director Jerry Douglas' best-known titles from early in his career. Some of the most intense and sensuous moments of Ryan Idol's career are perfectly captured in the amazing Trade Off, and all you closet voyeurs and bi/gay-curious dudes will be in hog heaven.

Ryan plays a seriously closeted 'mo, who spends his time watching (i.e. obsessing) over his next door neighbor, the hunky blonde piece Axel Garret (in one of his first roles). These two pieces of beefcake spend a ton of time staring at each other through their apartment blinds and whacking off together - all under the guise of being "straight." (They share the same porno mag while playing with their Hefty Cinch sacks; aww... it must be love!)

Sure this has been used as plot device countless times, but director Douglas keeps the pace up, and uses some terrific camera moves to convey a real sense of erotically charged sex about to happen. And make no mistake: happen it does. No self-hating bullshit here, just some really hard-on inducing fantasy stuff. That's all this is supposed to be anyway, right?

Leave it to writer-director Jerry Douglas to completely diss conventional porn standards, and put a fresh spin on exhibitionism/voyeurism in this early 90's entry. This one really deserves the term "alternative title".

Beautiful Ryan Idol plays The Jogger, a str8-curious dude (he's seems more pansexual than anything else) that enjoys playing "the binoculars game" with his equally hot neighbor, Axel Garret (who's sort of a blond mirror reflection of Idol's sexuality). Garret mimics nearly all of Idol's moves; they even jerk off to the same Playboy (in their own living spaces, natch).

Chronicling a few days in the life of Idol, he begins by going on a jog & responding to a naughty phone booth call urging him to wank his pole on the side of the street (complete with cars occasionally cruising by. Yep, sex in public). Next, one of those cars pulls up containing babe-alicious Lon Flexx & Danny Sommers (The Driver and the Passenger, in order). Surprise! They're both cruising bare-assed, and ask Idol to take a snapshot. Thus, another version of exhibitionism as the two motorists wear the camera out during a steamy tryst. Douglas cleverly places both The Jogger and The Neighbor on opposite sides of the car, peaking to check out the action, yet, never meeting (!!). Flexx & Sommers do a great flip-flop (yep, you heard right---Flexx gives it up for Sommers).

The next day has Idol wandering into an adult theatre. The Soldier (a scruffy Michael Parks in fatigues) comes on to Idol. But being the tradey voyeur he is, rebuffs his advances (What?? An adonis like Idol comes in, and everyone ignores him? WTF??). The Soldier moves on to The Punk (B. J. Slater, possessing one of the biggest anacondas of that decade), and a wonderfully sleazy/kinky hook-up ensues, complete with butt plug. Idol finally leaves; guess who's not far behind?

This leads to The Neighbor responding to an ad to solo while being videotaped; another wonderfully erotic moment.

Again, Idol goes jogging, only to be disrupted by that same phone booth. This time, he's invited to a couple's home. Ryan arrives at the doorstep (with Garret shadowing him, of course). The wife seductively strips their two guests. Douglas really lets our imaginations get worked up with this scene: Does the wife blows the guests? Does the husband? Do the guests pair off with each? Nope. They videotape the couple having sex (with Idol distractedly checking out Garret briefly). Afterwards, Idol & Garret go off into the woods; not to touch, but to get off on each other's bodies (literally).

The film concludes with their "game" deepening. For those seeking a more hardcore gay porno, this one compromises. But Douglas does such a good job with the sensuality, it hardly matters.
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