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♺ Raw Rods Update June 2011

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DescriptionOriginal upload: 2011-07-12 |

starring: ANGELUS + JAY SEAN

Angelus hanging out on some shithole street when Jay Sean walks by and makes it all better. He tellin a brotha he be hella sexy, so they go to Jay's crib for some hardcore raw fuck action. Jay makes Angelus suck that dick real good, goin down all the way on that shit makin him almost gag. But he got a big mouth, he can take that monster dick no problem. Jay fucks Angelus til he can't hold back, so he pulls out and blows a big load all over Angelus' fuck hole really rubbin that shit in and gettin that ass messy as fuck!

Rawrods Update
June 2011


Domino Star and Jay Sean hangin out half naked on a bed just kickin it gettin ready for some raw fuckin. Domino is beggin for Jay Sean to fuck him and fuck him real good. Domino starts workin that dick with his pretty lips takin in every inch and when Jay is ready he eats that ass and lubes it up til Domino is ready to take it raw. Jay rams his piece right in drivin Domino crazy who knows how to take that dick and get off on it. He rides Jay and busts a nut all over him!

Rawrods Update
May 2011


Manny Baby is cutting Romeo Storm's hair a little, cleanin it up around the edges tryna make a brotha look super fly, but Romeo is getting bored with that shit so he starts grabbin Manny's dick until he gets Manny to take off his pants and suck his dick. Romeo gives Manny a little face fuckin and then fucks him raw on the couch and all around the living room. Manny's dick is so fuckin hard from all that penetration and he busts a nut all over Romeo while he's riding that dick!

Rawrods Update
May 2011


Mikeal and Noah sleepin in bed when Mikeal wakes up and decides it is time to suck some motherfuckin dick. Noah slowly comes to his senses and likes that head bobbin up and down takin in all his meat. Eventually he gets around to eatin Noah's ass until it's all juiced up for his big dick. He fucks Mikeal raw giving it to him fast and furious. Mikeal can really take some dick and eagerly awaits Noah's nut taking one right to the face!
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