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Elder Stewart - Ordination Parts 1 & 2

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DescriptionElder Stewart - Ordination Part 1
Over the course of his service as a full-time Mormon missionary, Elder Stewart has come to realize that he loves being used.

He can be the aggressor in sexual encounters, and he has used his big dick to make the other boys yelp loudly, but at the end of the day there’s something special about being handled roughly by an older man, about being over powered, flipped over, spanked, and pounded in his hungry hole.

And nobody uses his body better than burly, hyper-masculine Bishop Angus. Everything about the sexy Mormon priesthood leader — his beard, his muscles, his hairy body, his big hands, even the way the he smells — turns the boy on. Every time they have sex is better than the last: Bishop Angus gets more and more aggressive, and Elder Stewart becomes more and more submissive.

And today is the big day. Elder Stewart will finally be ordained. He is meeting the bishop in the temple today, and he’s determined to please the bishop and do everything he wants.

The Brethren of the Order have informed Elder Stewart that Bishop Angus will be performing his ordination in one of the temple’s sacred rooms.

The ritual is a carefully guarded secret, so Elder Stewart doesn’t know exactly what is going to be done to him. But, he knows enough.

And knowing Bishop Angus, he assumes it will take a long time and leave his buttonhole in pain. A good sort of pain.

Elder Stewart gets to the room first, and he can hardly wait for the bishop to arrive and welcome him into the Order, into full manhood, and into a secret world of sanctioned sex with men.

When Bishop Angus arrives, he tells the boy only what he need to know and then instructs the boy to stand and undress. The presiding brethren instruct members of the order who are selected to initiate the boys to undress the young men right away.* This quickly establishes a power dynamic that is essential for the ritual.

Once Elder Stewart is naked, the tension evaporates. Bishop Angus has already fucked the boy on several occasions. But of course, today is different.

Being ordained is one of the most special occasions in a young Mormon boy’s life, and the bishop wants today’s fuck to be the one that Elder Stewart will remember for the rest of his life.

*Those performing ordinations by insemination are referred to as “father,” and are believed to become the spiritual fathers of the boys they ordain. The Ordaining Fathers tend to be ruggedly handsome priesthood leaders with terrific stamina and the virility of a teenager.

The presiding brethren hand pick the priesthood leaders who called to ordain Mormon boys into their higher priesthood. Since the origin of the secret order, Ordinations have been an observed ordinance. Since they started being filmed, the resulting archives have fueled the daddy boy fantasies for those performing AND those observing the ritual.

Elder Stewart - Ordination Part 2
The innocent-looking, but insatiable, Mormon boy knows what he’s in for when he’s finally called in for his ordination to be performed by Bishop Angus. What he doesn’t know is how long and hard the bishop will fuck him during this secret ceremony.

Whenever Elder Stewart saw Bishop Angus, he knew his hole was about to be opened wide. The boy had gotten to know the priesthood leader intimately over their several encounters — he knew the older man’s odor, his taste, and every inch of his hairy, muscular body.

But the man’s mind remained a mystery to the boy. They met when he was new to the area, and back then the bishop had a lot to say. But that was short lived. And he never had much to say during their intense physical encounters, and what he did say consisted of precise ritual language and very clear, sometimes graphic, instructions.

All of this was spoken in a stern, irresistible voice that gave away almost nothing of what the bishop was feeling. That is, until he was about to cum. Each time Bishop Angus has pulled out to spray him with semen, he gasps “I’m going to cum” — and betrays the intensity of his emotion.

It’s Elder Stewart’s favorite part of these erotic rendezvous, when the man’s guard is dropped just a little, and he can glimpse the passion that clearly exists when the bishop is introducing young men into the sex-centered priesthood in the highest echelons of Mormonism.

Their other encounters, intense and painful in their own right, paled in comparison to the sexual marathon the bishop puts Elder Stewart through inside the holy temple.

By this time the boy’s discipline and obedience have already been tested by members of the sexual cult known as The Order. Elder Stewart’s ordination by a hyper sexual gay priest pushes the boy to his physical limits, with the muscular priesthood holder giving him an unbelievable pounding in a myriad of positions.

While previous sexual encounters involve cumming on the boy’s back, balls, adorable puckered hole or beautiful young face, an ordination is different. The goal of an ordination is to breed the boy by pushing seed into his body as deeply as possible.

After holding the man’s big body up as it hammers into his small frame, the boy will walk away dizzy and weak in the legs. But not before the aggressive top can complete the ritual by shooting his hot load deep inside the boy and then slowly pulling back to reveal a trail of semen that he scoops up and uses to anoint the angel-faced kid on the forehead…

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