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DescriptionTo be honest: No one got pushed to their limits during the first part of
this wrestling afternoon. It was more of a warm-up between our two
fighters. Dustin (new to Fightplace) and Marvin know each other through
riding BMX, but are not on good terms.
When they met each other in front of the boxing club, the goading began.
Marvin showed off his body with bench presses in front of a mirror, and
teased Dustin as a little worm. For sure, Dustin is smaller then him,
but was that really necessary?
Now they wanted to fight it out to see who was the stronger, and went
into the boxing ring to do just that. It's admirable that Dustin had no
fear. For sure, he doesn't know as many tricks as an experienced
fighter, but in his d├ębut he was very tenacious and showed lots of stamina.
The team had expected Marvin to make short work of Dustin. But no
chance! The fight was mostly well balanced and, to be honest, a little
bit tedious. But then Dustin became wild and showed Marvin that smaller
guys can be stronger too.
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