♺ Bacchus - Big Black Dicks: Tight White Asses #6

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THUGZILLA certainly knows how to start a flick off with a high-octane jump start. Such is the case with the Bacchus release, Big Black Dicks Tight White Asses 6. In the opening scene, some nasty piece of white rough trade awaits the visitation of his black top (Thugzilla). Now, for those of you familiar with Thug� you know that he's not only just one hot motherfucker and an aggressive power top; the man has a nasty, foul mouth on him! Here, he grabs his skinny slut of a bottom; yanks on his hair, slaps his face, and lambastes him with a string of degrading names before "forcing" him to suck his meat � without TOUCHING him, of course� Thugzilla produces a huge black dildo - complete with a wall-mounting suction cup - and demands that he suck it. The kid tries to take it in his mouth, but is only capable of about a quarter of it. And when Thug takes it and attempts to shove into the kids' hole, he only manages to get it just past the head. I mean it; this thing is huge. Thugzilla then takes charge, and fucks the kid doggy, makes his try and take more of the dildo, and then blows an impressive wad all over his boy's nose and chin. If you're into the whole humiliation, bitch-slapping, hair-pulling thing; you'll find your dick moving in no time�

The film takes a severe nosedive after that scene. Not only are the following two scenes quieter; they somehow lose their edge altogether and become somewhat vanilla. A rough-around-the-edges black dude with an impressively thick and uncut cock (I think it's Troy) fucks a hot, dark-haired hunk that truly can't wait to suck, and then take the black dick up his ass. The scene concludes with the black dude spraying his load all over his bottoms' cheeks and hole. Scene three is pretty straight forward; kissing leads to the white boy sucking his black tops' cock before taking it up the ass in a couple of rather lackluster positions. After, the two lie side by side and silently jerk their meet to a frothy conclusion.

Scene four starts off in a playground, where a tiny and tight, beautifully groomed black stud meets up with a bleached blonde boy. When they get down to business, the blonde gets his face fucked, and then takes pleasure in eating his black man's smooth and luscious rear end. It's a beautiful moment to watch. Once good and hard, the black guy fucks the kids' ass doggy-style with short sharp jabs. The scene ends with the blonde jerking his load all over his hand, and the black guy's load cascades out of his cock, over his hand and probably all over the boy below: We don't get to see the kid being showered by the oozing jizz.

Starring: Thugzilla, Troy, Adam Young, Infamous, Xander Lewis, Mr. Saukei, Sean Kane, Dustin Lawrence

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