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"Ghetto" is a slick porn version of "West Side Story" (without the songs, natch) that finds Latino and Caucasian gangs rivaling over turf. Okay, that's not completely true. What they rival over is who can get into an ass fastest, but the undertones are there. I don't know who is going to win the battle here, because everyone is on such equal footing. Both sides have ample bottoms and tops and enough guys to make making up a whole lot more fun than fighting.

A rather unmenacing tall Nick Young walks down a dilapidated street and is accosted by chiseled-faced Tico Martin and brawny Felipe Carson. They bring him into a warehouse (where he sports a non-moving cut of blood on his eye) and Tico forces him to his knees as out come the cocks. The two luscious Latins have gorgeous cocks. Tico's is gigantic and uncut, and Felipe is pretty much right there with him on the size chart. The always-dependable Nick slurps down Tico with total ease, and Nick doesn't mind at all when Tico face-fucks him. Nick is forced back and forth between the dicks with smashing wet juicy results. Nick's reign as sole blower ends when Felipe goes down on Nick's famously long cock, right before Tico turns around and stuffs Nick's face into his glorious smooth ass. Nick breezes through a wonderful rimjob as Tico waves his ass around the face. Tico gets to fuck Nick with ultra-smoothness. It seems to take him just a few butt-clenches, but his entire cock goes sailing into Nick's ass completely. Great camera shots abound from underneath, which also show how hard Nick's uncut cock is as well. Tico, with his hypnotic gyrations, is a tough top, differing styles by the second. Then it's Felipe's turn to fuck, and he's just about sheer power. He has none of Tico's playful fanciness, just ass-slapping fucking, with Tico now in Nick's mouth. Felipe's magnetic eyes light up during his harsh self-pleasing fuck of Nick. Felipe ends with a blast, followed by a cascader from Nick and one from Tico. Tico then clocks poor Nick with a funny stage slap and the Latins dress and run.

Plucky adorable blond Tommy Brandt finds Nick and takes him to the clinic before heading off to a remote bathroom. In comes smokingly beautiful Rafael Carreras, one of the hunkiest performers worldwide, to tryst with Tommy. Rafael isn't in the gang, but that doesn't stop Tommy from being a bit upset at the treatment of his pal by Rafael's. They didn't come to argue, but to spend their free moments reveling in each other. Tommy goes down on Rafael's improbably massive cock. Muscular and without an inch of anything but muscle, Tommy is almost as delicious. Starting off the story's best scene, Tommy is a breathlessly fast swirl of tongue and lips, going from the balls to the tip of the shaft over and over. The camera stays in tight so the feeling of being there is heightened. Rafael then blows, gently leaning Tommy against the stall door and delving in a passionate sucking. He can manage all of Tommy and he does so with those liquid sex eyes melting up the camera. His mouth is tireless as he works up a furiously wet blowjob. They connect on the floor for a 69 where Tommy goes back to his never-say-die attitude and Rafael keeps Tommy firmly planted in his mouth. Now, Tommy hasn't worked that ass into perfection for nothing, and Rafael seems itching to get inside. Gently parting the cheeks, he fingers the hole into alertness and then lets his tongue do some co-exploration. Very soon, it's time to stuff his enormous cock inside Tommy's hole and Rafael, true to the spirit of the scene, is initially very gentle. He works in slowly and squeezes his hips until his dick is completely comfortable in there. The camera underneath shows the fair play, but the long shots show the abject sexiness of it all. Look at Rafael lick Tommy's back every few moments. That's what separates him from the others. Rafael then works up a notable speed as he's blowing sweetly into Tommy's ear (which seems to come as a welcome surprise to the bottom). Tommy is fucked missionary on the floor, where all he has to do is keep his legs wide open and Rafael can grind into him. It's amazingly watchable and never loses its sensual feel. Tommy rattles off a fine cum-shot with Rafael still smoothly fucking him and then Rafael drops a hefty load onto Tommy's tummy.

The third scene takes place at the hotbed of gay gang warfare, the gym (to be fair, I've observed many looks that could kill at the gym). Dante Foxx and Andrew Rubio, the former with creamy tanned skin and the latter with a handsome goatee and lean body, are working out when in stroll massive beefcake Dillon Press, scruffy Cameron Sage and humongous muscle daddy Kent Larson. When the guys start to talk, they realize they all want peace, that the guys who beat up Nick "are trash." In sweeps smoothly beautiful Carlos Morales and his version of immediate "peace" is to grab at Dillon's piece and suck it. His infamous backless throat roars into action, taking in all of Dillon's available cockflesh. The deep-throat almost has him gagging, but he's far too much of a pro for that. Meanwhile, Cameron immediately takes to fucking Andrew, with Dante getting his dick sucked by the bottom. Kent eventually shares Dillon with Carlos before Kent does Carlos and Dillon. The oral work from Carlos and Kent is staggering. Meanwhile, Cameron's fuck is fairly plain, and Andrew seems to be having more fun with Dante's cock. Kent and Dante switch teams so that Kent can rest his ass on Andrew's face and Dante can fuck Carlos, still sucking Dillon. Andrew does a great job with Kent's bulbous buns. Dante gives Carlos one of his usual thrilling fucks, going all out, but, like Andrew, Carlos seems more intent on his oral work. Dillon takes up residence in Carlos' ass, switching places with Dillon. Dillon slices through his fluffy ass with total welcome, blithely thrusting his hips into that superlative ass. Cameron pulls out to cum on Andrew's butt, followed by a hot one from Andrew and then one from Kent. Dillon parks his on Carlos' ass, and right down the crack it goes, followed by one from Dante and then Carlos. "You can never have too much 'piece,'" Dante notes.

The finale finds pierced-browed stunner Sergio Anthony and Gallic sexpot Marco Paris running down and alley and into a building looking for space away from the gangs where they can have some alone time. They still have to meet in secret, but the talks of peace are exciting to them. Not as exciting as each other, mind you, so Marco every so slowly licks his way down Sergio's chest, bringing back the mood from the second scene. He then inhales Sergio's cock and sucks with loads of skill. It's a mouthful piece with hard balls and Marco delights all of it. He seems particularly in love with the ball work he's doing. Sergio then gets to spend time on Marco's cock. He's slower and more methodical about it, keeping the loving mood and every now and then hunkering down for a deep-throat on the unusual curver. There is a tender 69, with Sergio still gallantly swallowing tons of Marco and Marco gingerly dancing down Sergio's cock. Sergio is bent in half for mutual rimming, with Marco spitting deep into Sergio's hole and using his tongue and fingers to dig at it while Sergio tries to keep his focus on Marco's ass, despite the wonderful ass prep he's getting. Marco fucks Sergio, who gets himself comfortable by backing up on Marco, unleashing a potent power and great speed at the little bottom. Sergio never loses the smile he has been wearing from the beginning of the scene, and I think the fuck makes it larger. Full in-and-out shots look great from over Marco's shoulder and underneath the action. Marco works up tons of steam with his fuck, pulling out just in time to storm off a blast that coats Sergio's entire back, before going back in! This time, Marco goes even harder, with the bounce of the bed helping the fuck along. After a sideways fuck, requiring a gymnastic position from Marco, Sergio rides on Marco. With the top untiringly thrusting upwards, Sergio bounces like a dream. He goes at it both forward and backward, which is doubly amazing considering the shape of Marco's dick. Marco's huge powerful thrusts get Sergio to finally cum.

This is gang warfare that we can be proud of. Okay, the opening scene started a little rough, but they caught on quickly enough to establish the movie's theme of making "love not war." No switchblades, just slicing cocks. No dead crumbled bodies, just happily exhausted ones. Maybe "Ghetto" should be required viewing for all gangs (or do I mean gangbangs -- I'm not sure).

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*** Highly Recommended ***

Starring Rafael Carreras, Tommy Brandt, Tico Martin, Carlos Morales, Cameron Sage, Dillon Press, Dante Foxx, Marco Paris, Andrew Rubio, Kent Larson, Sergio Anthony, Nick Young and Felipe Carson.

Directed by John Travis.

A Studio 2000 Videotape.

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