♺ Bijou - Erotic Explorer (1995)

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Original upload: 2012-06-18 |
Josh and his lover Alex take their sexual relations to new highs in this exceptionally erotic video filled with humor and lust-drenched images. For a low budget "no frills" effort, this is probably one of the most romantic, lush and most gorgeously shot videos ever made, and that's saying a lot.
You'd never know that the budget was so small, as nearly every scene is bathed in beautiful light, the musical score has a near classical quality to it and the fuck shots are romantically staged. Make no mistake though, this is no "softcore mush." The cumshots here are powerful, and the sex is sweaty. A truly underrated gem.
This one deserves to become a "cult" hit on the gay porn circuit.
2015-10-03 14:12:07
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