Gay Hitchhiker (6 scenes Matt Sizemore in ep3)

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DescriptionGay Hitchhiker, 6 scenes

(Matt from ep3 is Matt Sizemore.  He tops Casanova)

DidnÂ’t your mother ever tell you it isnÂ’t safe to talk to strangers and it definitely isnÂ’t a good idea to hitchhike, because you never know who will pick you up?

Well someone forgot to tell these sweet guys. A ride of their life with a horny Casanova and these innocent hitchhikers are definitely usable anal and cock sucking fodder. They are his to play with and they are his for cock sucking, anal play before being dumped. A hitcherÂ’s ride eventually comes to an end.

01 Bryan wanted a lift to see his dear old grandmother, little did he know the price he would have to pay for such a short trip. But we don't see him complain when it comes time to pay the fare ;-) He gladly offers up his bottom in return! This is one of our favorite video series too, the camera work is excellent and you can tell that these boys have good chemistry, just look at those satisfied faces!

02 Jason - Casanova bottoms for Jason.

03 Matt Sizemore - Matt's car had broken down on the side of the road and before the tow truck could get there our hero saves the day! Well our man even got more than he bargained for today because Matt was packing a weapon in his pants that he was never expecting! Over 10" of slithering man meat gets thrust upon him but he takes it all with no problems at all! This is a great video series!

04 Hans needed a ride home from college when our man just happened to find him. So he hops in the back and goes along for the ride. So far so good, but he knew something was up when our man took 'the long way' home and made a detour straight for the 'backseat'! Detours have never been so fun, just look at all the naughty action these studs find time for during this trip!

05 Johnny :  What do you get when you combine a stranded traveller late for an appointment with his parole officer and our friendly Hero willing to help him out? A cock swallowing anal invading party on the side of the road!! Watch as this little closet twink gets reminded of the action he saw back in jail, watch as he lets go of his inhibitions and rides our heros snake all the way back home!

06 Raul :  Today a hot little college boy finds himself stranded in the middle of nowhere, desparate for the help of our Hero to get him back to L.A. He's surprised to find out that this little favor is going to cost him though... and little fearfull when he learns he has to pay that debt with his ass!! Watch as this nervous little hard body loosens up as soon as our Heros 10 inches of man meat gets shoved into his mouth!
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