Logan Krewe and Evan Taylor - Scene 1 - Cockwatch

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Description Logan Krewe and Evan Taylor - Scene 1 - Cockwatch

Lovers Logan and Evan are the players in the first scene, a great start to a fantasy dream session. The two bear striking resemblance to each other, and not just because of similar coloring and hairstyle. They have a similar look, starting from intense deep-set eyes on both of them. Both sport facial hair, Logan allowing his goatee to spring a few gray hairs out of the black ones. Logan starts by making absolute oral love to Evan's long cock, which starts wide and comes to a thinner head. He is full of tricks and very eager to suck it down in every way possible to please Evan, who self-massages his beautifully hairy chest and stomach. Evan's dick looks even bigger standing straight up when he gets up to put Logan down on his knees. Logan has a fatter dick, though shorter, but Evan clearly loves it and sucks it just as happily. There is a great section of hot finger action on the part of Logan, who maneuvers his digits with sexual know-how among his ass, his mouth and his partner's mouth with great skill. Evan then throws Logan's legs up in the air to eat out his ass with increased intensity, which is matched talent-for-talent by Logan when he does the same with Evan's ass parked on his face. There is a lot of nearly-inserted cockhead teasing before Evan finally gives Logan the full poking, sliding in easily. The initial fucking position is a difficult one, but Evan manages it with only the smallest flicks of his waist in order to give off the biggest grinds of his dick. The best part of the lively fuck is having Evan pull out to have Logan chew his balls, then go back in, then come out to have his dick sucked, then go back in for the final fuck before a whopping cum-shot from Evan.
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