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DescriptionOriginal upload: 2013-12-29 |
Looking for a few good men? After all, who doesn't love a man in uniform - or out of one? Here is a series of real Marine videos from Southern California. What's different about this series is that unlike the stroke-and-poke videos that we've been innundated with, these videos actually take place on an actual Marine base. The base is equipped with more hidden cameras and [audio] bugs than the U.S. Embassy in Moscow. A voyuers' delight, these videos features real Marines of all types talking about chicks they've fucked, pissing in urinals, scratching their balls and just being guys.

These videos are unlike anything that I've seen before - they take us to a place many of us only dream about - inside a G.I. locker room. In one of my favorites: RELAX THE MUSCLE PLEASE... we watch as a few good men receive their physicals complete with prostate exams and "cough, please" hernia checks by a Marine doc who we can all envy.

If you're looking for GQ-looking porn stars playing army, don't look here. But if you want to peek inside a real locker room with real Marines, this is it.

SPECIAL NOTE:  Several of these titles have been edited and/or color-corrected to compensate for the poor condition in which I received them. Nothing critical has been left out; more or less just an exercise in salvaging good content to share with others. Enjoy!

Alpha Males At Play (EDITED).wmv
Basic Tool Maintenance (EDITED).wmv
Check Out My Furniture (EDITED).wmv
Dude, Where's the Head.wmv
Finn's Garage.flv
Frank & Beans (EDITED).wmv
Free Ballin' Brawn.wmv
Gunny's Hefty Instrument (EDITED).wmv
Have Some Canneloni, Tony.mp4
Heads Up! Slick Decks (EDITED).wmv
I Must Break You (EDITED).wmv
I'll Sleep When I'm Dead (EDITED).wmv
Jump Boots.flv
Liquor in the Front.avi
Manitoba Mule Team.avi
Meat Whistle.avi
"Mikey" from Bad Conduct Discharge.mp4
More Talk About Bitches and Food (EDITED).mp4
Poker in the Rear.wmv
Put Some Drawers On, Man.wmv
Relax the Muscle, Please.avi
Shoddy Government Plumbing.mp4
Swiss Army Skin.avi
Ten Sweaty Guys in One Tiny Room (EDITED).mp4
Tension Rod Adjustment.mp4
That Guy Who Drops the Soap (SPLICE EDIT).mp4
That Guy Who Drops the Soap.wmv
Their Cup Runneth Over.wmv
There He Sat Broken Hearted.flv
Wet Area.flv
Where's the Head (EDITED).mp4
You Runnin' Today (EDITED).wmv
Good Morning, Marines - Part 1.avi
Good Morning, Marines - Part 2.avi
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