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Cadro Films: Cuban sucky-fucky flick was filmed on location in Havana and assembles a cast of exotic (and amateurish) horny hombres and Euro hunks for much sweaty if unrefined buggery in dilapidated bedrooms with patchy walls and crumbling ceilings.

Worth noting is the dedication to the late porn director Steve Cadro from the filmmakers, who felt obligated to bring Cadro's vision to completion. I can only assume this means Cadro died during production, and the studio hired a less-than-stellar apprentice to finish his script. It shows. Picture quality ranges from superb (acrobatic camera movements and stylish compositions with warm lighting) to the not-so-superb (repetitive camera sways and shots obscured in shadows and low-light conditions). The difference, truly, is as pronounced as day versus night.

In addition, there are cast listing problems: Joel, Rob, Jorge and Carlos are credited in the film but not on the cover; Madev, Rafael, Junior and Rocco are listed on the box but not in the film credits.

There are some very notable moments, specifically a memorable five-man interrogation and strip search orgy that morphs into a David Lynchian paint dance ritual, complete with swirling and twirling camera tricks and jerky slo-motion editing jumps to give all the colorful cock-chuggery and ass-buggery a more jagged, primitive feel. I'm willing to wager that this delicious capper is the sole contribution from Cadro in the otherwise clunkily produced Chapter I, and that the bulk of his assembled final work is exhibited in the more polished Chapter II. Most of Chapter I, alas, is of a far less technical caliber than Cadro devotees might be accustomed to.

Production Year: 2000
Length: 96 min

A.K.A.: Cuba Libre - Chapter I

Country:  Hungary, Cuba

Studio :  Cadro Films

Cast:  Cuchy, Franco, Junior, Lachi, Madev, Manuel, Michel, Neo, Pimpi, Rafael, Rocco, Tango, Vladimir

Director:  Steve Cadro, Ginetto Di Masolo

Screenwriter:  Steve Cadro

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