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High Octone - Police Anal!

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DescriptionA SWAT team pull a raid and haul two hunky perpetrators to the van and then jail cells in Police Anal (also known as Under Arrest). Before the SWAT team raid, a rookie cop gets a lesson at the firing range on how to shoot his guns - first the one in his hand then the one between his legs. At first the instructor, swarthy, dark haired, with long sideburns and hair on his chest, is in control, lifting his cute, twinky student by the belt onto a table, licking his awesome torso down to his hard cock. The rookie dude soon takes over the initiative, plugging his daddy instructor on the table, his cute butt cheeks quivering with pleasure as they power his mighty weapon hard into the anal target, making the instructor writhe around on his back. When the instructor climbs up and sits on his student's cock, his own hard shaft swinging free, the energized student grabs hold of the firm butt cheeks in front of him and works them around in a circle to massage his cock planted inside and looking like he's found the ultimate enclosure for his gorgeous uncut man meat. In the second scene a young cop hands out the weapons to the SWAT team then gets it on with another stay behind rookie wearing a mesh shirt and crisscrossed weapons and ammo belts and sporting a huge tattoo on his upper arm. They flip flop at sucking and fucking, and the scene ends with some of the best cum shots of the video, including two major eruptions from the dude with the big tat. Then comes the house raid followed by a threeway outside the SWAT team's van involving one of the perpetrators and two cops. After they exchange blow jobs and fuck in several combinations, one of the cops and the arrestee crouch in front of the second cop's rigid rod, their lips rubbing either side as the uncut cock pumps toward the camera lens and lets loose a major flow of hot juice between the enveloping lips. Scene four takes us back to the station where a cop interrogating a prisoner goes way beyond what would warrant a sexual harassment complaint - if he had any intention of lodging one. The way he is enjoying the sucking and fucking and especially the spurting cum shot onto his neck and shoulders, I'd say there'll be no charges filed. The surveillance camera has been capturing the whole sequence, with the lieutenant in the outer office watching the monitor and jacking off. The last scene brings together the second guy arrested at the house, who turns out to have strange hypnotic powers over his captors, the cop who was instructing in the first scene, and three ski-masked guards. The ensuing orgy rocks the prison cell like an earthquake, a fitting grand finale to one of High Octane's best dvds. Cast: J Attila Acs, Takacs Akes, Szabo Balazs, Victor Hogyes, Skekelzi Isva, Keri Iswan, Hita Laslo, Halasz Mihaly, Renato, Feher Richard, Antoni Robert, Attila Szabo, Csanzi Zoltan, Lajos Zzoldos

Studio: High Octane
Director: Herve Bodilis

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