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Brent Corrigan's Working Hard
Dirty Bird Pictures

Scene 1- Andy Banks, Ryan Buckley and Randy

As director and performer, Brent takes time to introduce the concept behind his newest film. ¡°Working Hard or Hardly Working?¡± is what a lot of people ask him about his adventures in the porn industry. Though the work is admittedly enjoyable, there is plenty of ¡°hard¡± involved in the making of adult entertainment.  Andy Banks is hard at work reading Mike Donner¡¯s How To Be a Gay Porn Star as buddies Ryan and Randy show up to help him gain some firsthand experience. Eager to learn, Andy starts making out and getting a mean blowjob but quickly stuffs Ryan Buckley¡¯s totally hard cock down his throat. Then Ryan and Randy take turns plowing Randy¡¯s ass. Ryan goes first because Randy¡¯s extra fat cock is something that takes some practice. Then Ryan shows Andy how a pro does things by becoming the meat in a fuck sandwich, taking Randy¡¯s cock as he plows Andy¡¯s ass meaningfully. Andy cums lying on his back as his two buddies shower their fat loads all over his chest. Who knew learning could be so much fun?

Scene 2- Jake Green and Hunter

Brent loves to play matchmaker for his scenes, and the pairing of Jake and Hunter is like the pairing of a fine red wine with a perfect piece of lean red meat. As Brent explains, a successful pairing results in great foreplay and passionate sex. Jake and Hunter are insatiable sex pigs, with Hunter being the more aggressive of the two and Jake the willing receptor who loves a dick rammed down his throat and pounded hard into his ass. The face and body expressions are true and priceless, proving that if you work hard at the pairing, the meal is delicious! Jake gets pounded hard by Hunter's long cock in several positions. His ass is so tender after this scene that Brent has to take his place in the next!

Scene 3- Brent Corrigan, Hunter and Randy

Could there be a better combination than these two young, hot cocks and Brent¡¯s ass? It¡¯s doubtful. The three are celebrating in a hotel room when they decide to get some ¡°hard work¡± done in lieu of partying, and the one who does most of the hard work is clearly Brent because the other two appear to be having a blast and really enjoying the hell out of the situation. Each of these handsome and hung tops takes turns ramming their dicks into Brent¡¯s ass. Not to be outdone, Brent takes turn riding their dicks as well. Then, to prove how big a bottom he is and to make the best use of the materials at hand, Brent opens his ass for both at the same time! Yes, a rare double penetration scene for the boy wonder as Brent gets Randy to shove his fat cock into his ass while he is already sitting on Hunter¡¯s rock hard dick. Brent cums as Randy fucks him, and both Randy and Hunter dump their hot loads all over Brent.

Scene 4- Brent Corrigan, Ryan Buckley, Jake Green and Andy Banks

Brent and Ryan catch Jake and Andy performing some extracurricular activities that are ¡°against the rules¡± of a working weekend, so Brent turns the situation around by filming the two and then making the scene a four-way with him and Ryan. Two separate pairs of sex partners get it on with some deep throat action, hard fucking, ass eating and all-out greedy sex. Once each partner has satisfied the other, they switch and continue to pig out. Brent moves over to Andy to see how much he¡¯s learned from reading Mike Donner¡¯s porn primer and the lessons he got from the other cast members. Apparently, Andy is a quick learner, taking Brent¡¯s hard cock like a champ at the same time Jake is getting poked and prodded by Ryan.  Once all four have had their toes curled in excitement they cum together to spill their hearty loads.

Scene 5- Brent Corrigan and Andy Banks

The newbie and the seasoned veteran are paired in the final scene. The master and his apprentice are alone together in what can be seen as a final exam. First up is Andy¡¯s oral exam, and from the facial expressions from the master, the student apparently has been working hard to please his teacher. Then the tables are turned as Brent works on the tight muscular physique that earned Andy a role in this production. A complete exam ensues, with a 69 session, a foreplay break with sensual kissing, and Andy fucking Brent so well that he makes him cum prematurely. The test continues with Andy doing an additional ass-fucking session, then bottoming for his instructor and mentor. Brent makes sure that his student has mastered the art of getting fucked in several positions before he dumps his second load and then evaluates Andy¡¯s ability to produce the ¡°money shot.¡±  Without a doubt, Andy has studied well, rehearsed well and is ready to go out into the business world and work hard.

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