Jock Physical - David Maybanke ¡V Stress Testing with Prostate Massage

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DescriptionAfter receiving therapy for a back injury, David Maybanke returns for his stress testing examination and to seek information to help with sexual endurance. He
gets too aroused when he engages in relations with his girlfriend and wants to postpone ejaculation. I have him strip naked to begin today¡¦s office visit.

As this is a stress testing examination, monitoring the changes in his respiration and blood pressure before and after exercise is very important. I begin with the blood pressure and take a reading for David while he is at rest. Use of a stethoscope to listen to both heart and lungs follow. Palpating his chest and abdomen, I get to appreciate how the years of military training have sculpture his body. He is truly a lean and very toned physical specimen.

David has responded extremely well to prostate stimulation which is something that is very unique to him. Turning him around, I have him assume the position on the exam table. While his chest and abdomen are completely smooth, his buttocks and the crevice between each orb is extremely hairy. I lubricate my finger and with a deep breath from David, my finger enters his anal cavity. Right from the onset of the prostate massage, David goes from becoming flaccid to fully erect. I enlist his aid and have him rotate his body onto my finger to give his prostate that stimulation it is craving. The transformation from his first visit to now is truly amazing as he welcomes the stimulation I provide to this; his most intimate area.

Continuing with the exam, I have David stand and allowing for additional room, I have him perform a series of jumping jacks and jogging in place to increase his respiration. Returning to the exam table, his blood pressure is checked once again before the prostate stimulation begins again. To properly position him for what I have in mind, I extend the stirrups on the exam table and have David spread his legs apart with his feet resting in the stirrups. While I lubricate my fingers, David begins to masturbate in anticipation of what is to follow. Inserting my finger into him, David continues to masturbate his now, erect penis. It seems that his penis is more erect and larger than it has been in the past. To confirm my suspicions, I measure him and record the new larger measurement at 7 3/4 inches.

To do my part and assist David for his complete arousal, I opt for the use of a new prostate massage device which is also a vibrator. David closes his eyes as new waves of exhilaration are unleashed onto his prostate with this new device. David can only hold back for a short period as he erupts and spews his ejaculate onto his abdomen. I assist with his cleanup both front and rear before I send him on his way.
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