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Spencer Whitman & Dylan Roberts in Boyfriends
Boys will be boys, like people always say....and if they didn't have this in mind when they said it, well one look at how these boyfriends Spencer and Dylan spend a lazy afternoon should certainly give them a few ideas! We have here two perfect examples of the college jock, at home in their natural habitat, doing what boys do best: exploring each others bodies, trying new things and looking extremely hot while doing it. From sucking to rimming and fucking and back again, with some playful attempts at dominance and plenty of sensual rough housing thrown in for good measure, I'd like to know just two things. What college did these two go to again, and where do I sign up?

Anal, Drool/Drooling, Frat/College, Gagging, Kissing, Oral

Cole Parker & Nick Moretti in The Poolboy
I know most of us like to complain at times about our boss constantly riding our ass, but when Cole Parker says it, he‘s not kidding! Nick Moretti’s fed up with his pool boy’s constant absences and shitty work ethic when he does bother to show up, so he decides to teach his employee a lesson in discipline. Or maybe its several lessons. I guess it depends on if you’re counting them by the number of Cole’s whimpers - or well, you get the idea. And Cole definitely gets the idea as well - but being shoved to your knees and having Nick Moretti’s monster tool shoved down your throat generally helps with that. From there, Nick shows his formerly straight poolboy how to best service his needs - critiquing his cock sucking, kissing, and more - all while keeping Cole on a short leash. By the time Nick’s ready to fuck, Cole’s firmly put in his place, enough that when Nick commands his boy to back himself onto his rock hard cock and fuck his own ass, Cole knows better than to do anything but comply. Cole’s not quite quick enough when it comes to licking up their cumshots at his boss’s command though - so he’ll probably need a few more lessons in follow-through. Same time next week, maybe? I know I’ll be here….

Anal, Butt Play, Cum Play, Drool/Drooling, Facial, Gagging, Kissing, Older/Younger, Open Mouth Facial, Oral, Oral cum-shot, Rough Sex, Swallowing

Cameron Adams & Tyler Saint in The Birthday Present
Tyler Saint is one of those boyfriends that is just impossible to shop for. I mean, when you look that good, you’ve got people wanting to give you stuff just because its Tuesday, let alone your birthday, so we can imagine that surprising him requires a little thinking outside the box. Luckily for him - and us - his boyfriend’s the thoughtful, creative type, and cooks up a gift that should have a few of you taking notes. Never know when a present like Cameron Adams could come in handy. Now my only question is - where does one order a bound and blindfolded boy like Cameron Adams? And do they gift wrap themselves? Or just deliver…. (read more)

Anal, Bondage, Drool/Drooling, Footworship, Gagging, Kissing, Older/Younger, Oral, Rimming, Snowballing, Swallowing

John Magnum & Justin Ryder in The Wedding
When the groom swings both ways, the bachelor party can’t always take care of that one last hurrah on its own. But then, that’s what the best man is for, and Justin Ryder lives up to the name as he helps John Magnum get out those 9th inning urges. What can we say? The guy’s just a giver. John finds plenty of other things to call him though, as he fucks his friend’s face with his giant cock before proceeding to just dominate the hell out of his smaller buddy. When you’re literally picking up and throwing a guy onto the bed, I can’t really think of any other way to describe it. From some hot and heavy making out, to rim jobs and fucking their way through every position John can think of, this is sweaty, masculine passion and aggression at its finest. By the time they get to Justin licking his own cumshot off John’s foot, you’ll just hope John’s left some energy for his bride to be - nah, who’re we kidding? We’d rather he save it for the sequel…

Anal, Butt Play, Drool/Drooling, Gagging, Kissing, Open Mouth Facial, Oral, Oral cum-shot, Rimming, Rough Sex, Snowballing, Spit, Swallowing

Justin Ryder & Devin Draz in The Morning After
This best man’s morning after might just be his best one yet. Who’s gonna complain about waking up next to Devin Draz, and nursing his giant cock instead of an equally giant hangover? Devin’s a demanding top before he’s had his morning coffee, and he demands perfection from his bottom as he teaches Justin Ryder to suck his cock and perform exactly the way he likes it. We hope Justin took notes - it wouldn’t surprise us if Devin put him to the test later!

Anal, Cum Play, Drool/Drooling, Gagging, Kissing, Open Mouth Facial, Oral, Oral cum-shot, Rough Sex, Spit, Swallowing

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