♺ Out Of Athens (Part 1 & 2)

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Original upload: 2013-09-04 |
Billy Kincaid
Cameron Fox
Dean Phoenix
Emilio Santos
Eric Leneau
Franco Corsini
Hans Ebson
Jeffrey Dickinson
Jeremy Jordan
Jeremy Tucker
Johnny Brosnan
Jose Ganatti
Nick Young
Roland Dane
Seth Adkins
Thomas Williams (white)
Travis Wade
Tristan Paris
N Colby Taylor
N Lindon Hawk

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foot notes:
N=Non-sexual role;
source: promotional material
Blessed by the gods, with a handsome face and a noble physique, Johnny Brosnan sets out on his personal odyssey to conquer new worlds. Armed with a bit of luck, deception, and enough daring bravado, the young Adonis journeys to Greece, forging hot, sexual bonds and alliances -- and he endures a gang bang payback for his duplicity -- with a pantheon of god-like, sun-bronzed titans.
scenes /
loops /
source: promotional material
1. Cameron Fox, Hans Ebson, Jeremy Tucker, Jeremy Jordan, Emilio Santos, Tristan Paris, Billy Kincaid, Seth Adkins, Nick Young
Cameron Fox bends Hans Ebson over while he fucks his tight ass, as Jeremy Tucker, Jeremy Jordan, Emilio Santos, Tristan Paris, Billy Kincaid, Seth Adkins, Nick Young and Cameron Fox (all in non-sexual roles) look on. Cameron fucks Hans until he blows his load.
Jeremy Tucker, Jeremy Jordan, Emilio Santos, Tristan Paris, Billy Kincaid, Seth Adkins, Nick Young and Cameron Fox settle into a fraternal sun-soaked orgy. They suck, rim, and fuck, and one lucky blond Jeremy Jordan gets double-fucked by two cocks at the same time.
found in compilation Rites of Initiation
found in compilation The Best of Cameron Fox (Falcon)
found in collection Winner's Way (DVD bonus)
2. Johnny Brosnan, Travis Wade
Johnny Brosnan takes a cruise to Greece, where he meets Travis Wade. The two blow each other, then Travis fucks Johnny with his nice, cut cock, until they both shoot their loads and fall asleep. Johnny slips out of the room with Wade’s Harvard Crew sweatshirt.
found in compilation The Best of Travis Wade 1
found in compilation The Best of Johnny Brosnan
3. Johnny Brosnan, Roland Dane
As Johnny makes his way through the narrow, white-washed alleys, he meets Roland Dane. Johnny sucks hard on Roland’s hot, uncut cock, and Roland shoots his load, then Johnny gets himself off. You know these two are going to meet up again.
found in compilation The Best of Johnny Brosnan
4. Thomas Williams (white), Jeffrey Dickinson, Jose Ganatti
This scene is not mentioned by Falcon much and may have been removed in some editions. It was not reviewed as very inspiring.
5. Dean Phoenix, Franco Corsini, Eric Leneau
Dean Phoenix, Franco Corsini, and Eric Leneau are in a hot threesome on a terrace overlooking a shimmering lapis lagoon. Johnny Brosnan is the voyeur, jerking off indoors as he watches these studs work each other over. Eric gets into every inch of Dean’s hot, hard body, while Dean is rimming slender, blond Franco. Dean fucks Franco, then puts Eric on his back and fucks him until he blows his load everywhere.
found in compilation Seaside Sex


2001 GayVN Awards Best Group Scene: Seth Adkins
2001 GayVN Awards Best Group Scene: Hans Ebson
2001 GayVN Awards Best Group Scene: Cameron Fox
2001 GayVN Awards Best Group Scene: Jeremy Jordan
2001 GayVN Awards Best Group Scene: Billy Kincaid
2001 GayVN Awards Best Group Scene: Tristan Paris
2001 GayVN Awards Best Group Scene: Emilio Santos
2001 GayVN Awards Best Group Scene: Jeremy Tucker
2001 GayVN Awards Best Group Scene: Nick Young
2001 GayVN Awards Best Director: John Rutherford
2000 Grabby Award Best Group Scene: Seth Adkins
2000 Grabby Award Best Group Scene: Hans Ebson
2000 Grabby Award Best Group Scene: Cameron Fox
2000 Grabby Award Best Group Scene: Jeremy Jordan
2000 Grabby Award Best Group Scene: Billy Kincaid
2000 Grabby Award Best Group Scene: Tristan Paris
2000 Grabby Award Best Group Scene: Emilio Santos
2000 Grabby Award Best Group Scene: Jeremy Tucker
2000 Grabby Award Best Group Scene: Nick Young
From GayVideoDad

I have to admit that the hype surrounding this video was so incredible that I was expecting something phenomenal, something amazing. Something never seen before. There was so much hullabaloo surrounding this two-part, individually priced video that I was thinking this would be another Powertool or a video of Powertool's magnitude, its importance.
Needless to say, I was somewhat disappointed.
Sure, it looks fantastic - Falcon Studios went all out to send an extensive crew to Greece to shoot dozens of beautiful men having sex in the Mediterranean sun. And it still gets four stars because I feel that maybe it was the hype that ruined it for me - I can see how it'll be successful and most likely sweep awards while raking in the sales. But I honestly wasn't that impressed.
My problem was with the sex - Out of Athens just didn't capture as much heat as some of the studio's other ventures. I also had some trouble with the videography - not the videography itself, mind you - it's incredible, and Todd Montgomery should probably clear another space on his mantle. My problem was with the decision to shoot half-film and half-video. Most (but not all) of the b-roll footage (that's anything but the sex) is shot on film, and all the sex is shot on video. I understand that shooting on film is much more expensive, and it looks fantastic. I sort of wish the entire thing could have been shot on film. It would have been unbelievable. But there are many moments when it hops back and forth, almost done that way just to be creative without any sort of explanation.
And the script didn't work for me. Like most of the other two-part Falcon endeavors (French Connections pops to mind), the script is sacrificed for the sex and the showcasing of the new Falcon Exclusives lineup, which is okay but detracts from the story. The result is a muddled second tape. If you're going to have a story - follow through with it. Don't just throw random sex scenes in for the hell of it. It gets tiring watching our main character constantly "stumbling" upon sex acts.
The story surrounds college janitor Johnny Brosnan (who is incredibly handsome - jet black hair, chiseled features, a terrific body), who desperately wants to fit in with the campus frat guys yet somehow can't because of his stature. (I'm sorry, you throw a hottie like that at me, I wouldn't care if he were a plumber! Maybe if the lead were less gorgeous and more "real," the story would have worked.)
Anyway, the video starts with Brosnan and his three cute buddies (no one ever has an ugly buddy in porn) Emilio Santos, Jeremy Jordan and Hans Ebson about to attend a frat party. Brosnan expresses his concerns over fitting, in but his pals pooh-pooh him, and they go in. They are met by head frat guy Cameron Fox (who I am still trying to make my husband, no matter how many restraining orders he throws at me), who laughs in Brosnan's face and tells him to get out, he doesn't belong there. As Brosnan leaves, he turns to buddy Santos and says, "I'll never be one of you." Obviously Santos agrees, because instead of running after his devastated friend, he heads right on in to the party.
Fox lines up the trio of pledges as well as his own additions: Nick Young, Seth Adkins, Jeremy Tucker, Tristan Paris and Billy Kincaid. Fox barks commands at the boys and then plucks German twink Ebson out of the line. He forces the pledge to drop his pants and expose his hole as the others watch. Fox then bends the plucky boy over and slams his big, meaty dick into his ass. Ebson cums, and Fox shoots all over his face. Then he dismisses him. And the other guys get to work.
The obvious bottoms (Jordan, Kincaid and Paris) start sucking on the other guys. Eventually, the orgy gets confusing because everybody's taking a little piece of everyone else. Kincaid gets nailed by everyone, enjoying the plow he gets from Fox the best, but Fox gravitates toward Jordan (they were paired together in Falcon's No Way Out with explosive results, and director John Rutherford wisely allows them to pair up again) to continue his ram-rodding of the little blond. Eventually, Fox and Young slide both dicks into a squealing Jordan's asshole. It's a great, albeit brief d.p. The scene ends with everyone standing over the bottoms until they all blow.
Somehow, Brosnan has saved up enough cash to take a trip to Greece and appears on a boat. He runs into hunky Travis Wade, who wears a Harvard Crew rowing sweatshirt. They exchange niceties before Brosnan suddenly becomes aggressive and orders Wade to take him to his cabin, which Wade happily does. The two then proceed to have a terrific, frenzied fuck scene, both devouring the other before Wade plows Brosnan's ass in several positions. Afterwards, with Wade fast asleep, Brosnan spots a wad of cash and the sweatshirt and decides that they are his for the taking. He snatches them and hightails it out of there.
As he comes off the ship, he is approached by adorable Lindon Hawk (who's destined to become another fave of mine), who spots the shirt. He hands Brosnan an invite to a Harvard party for rowers. Turns out there's a reunion happening. Brosnan is now invited.
Brosnan wanders. Roland Dane, who is just a thousand shades of precious, appears and asks in his broken English if Brosnan would like a tour guide. Smartly, Brosnan agrees, and the two tour the city. Here's where videographer Montgomery has a field day, shooting ruins and landmarks and scenery that take the breath away. Dane and Brosnan rest at a deserted village, and their attraction takes over, falling on the other in an incredible oral session. Dane lets loose a gob of spooge that is beautiful and creamy.
After their encounter, Brosnan has to leave, but Dane wants to see him again. He gives Brosnan the name and address of his cousin, and if Brosnan wants to stay there, he's welcome. Brosnan takes the info and heads off.
On the beach, Brosnan is cruised by hunky Dean Phoenix (looking better than ever) but gets nervous and splits. (I had a problem with Brosnan's character as well - he was far too wishy-washy. First he's aggressive and taking control of the sex, then he's meek and running away from it. I'd understand if it were because he suddenly developed feelings for Dane, but we never see that.) Eventually, Brosnan comes across a trio of ethnic hunks - yummy Jeffrey Dickinson, Jose Ganatti and Thomas Williams (who fans of Bjorn titles will recognize as Alexei Gromoff). The trio are in midtryst and sport beautiful bodies, great butts and meaty, uncut dicks. Dickinson and Williams are both on the receiving end of Ganatti's meat after they take turns poking each other.
Phoenix and his two buddies (hairy blond cutie Franco Corsini and dark-haired Eric Leneau) come across Brosnan at a small eating spot near the sea with a gorgeous view. Brosnan apologizes for running away, he was nervous, and Phoenix invites him back to a summer house they've rented. The four pair off, Brosnan sucks on Phoenix's big, uncut tool as Leneau and Corsini are nibbling on each other. And here we go again, Brosnan gets all nervous and leaves after only a few licks. Phoenix calls him a "prick tease" and joins his two buddies in some extensive oral play before fucking them both. Brosnan, however, is in his room watching the threesome, beating off and crying. (I know, I know.)
Finally, at the end of part one, Brosnan sits on a cobblestone street with the Harvard shirt on. Suddenly, Wade appears and walks by. A moment of recognition flicks across his eyes. He stops and glances back at the thief. Their eyes lock and Brosnan bolts, Wade giving chase. Along the way, they run into Colby Taylor, who is emerging from a room, before Brosnan finally gives Wade the slip.
Continued in Part Two...

Colby Taylor
David Moretti
Eric Hart
Erik Hanlan
George Vidanov
Joe Calderon
Johnny Brosnan
Lindon Hawk
Matt Spencer
Robert Balint
Roland Dane
Ryan Michaels
Travis Wade
source: promotional material
Blessed by the gods, with a handsome face and a noble physique, Johnny Brosnan sets out on his personal odyssey to conquer new worlds. Armed with a bit of luck, deception, and enough daring bravado, the young Adonis journeys to Greece, forging hot, sexual bonds and alliances -- and he endures a gang bang payback for his duplicity -- with a pantheon of god-like, sun-bronzed titans.
scenes /
loops /
source: promotional material
1. Johnny Brosnan, Joe Calderon OrAt, George Vidanov OgAb
Johnny Brosnan continues on his Greek quest to find Roland Dane again, but first spies Joe Calderon and George Vidanov around the corner. Johnny strokes his cock, while George sucks Joe and then gets his ass fucked by Joe who blows his load all over.
found in compilation The Best of George Vidanov
2. (Bonus scene)
Johnny Brosnan nonsex, Colby Taylor OgrAtRg, Eric Hart OgrAbRr
In a flashback, Johnny Brosnan learns about Colby Taylor and the cute twink Eric Hart and their hot sex. Colby is an expert with Eric’s foreskin, and then gets a great rhythm going fucking Eric.
found in compilation The Best of Colby Taylor 3
3. Johnny Brosnan OgAbRg, Colby Taylor OgrAtRr, Travis Wade OgrAt, Robert Balint OrAtRr, Erik Hanlan OrAtRr, Lindon Hawk OgrAbRr, Matt Spencer OgrAtRr, David Moretti OrAtRr, Ryan Michaels OgrRr
Johnny Brosnan is found out to be a fraud and pays the price by getting his mouth and ass crammed with enough cock to choke a Trojan horse. It’s a stable of Adonis-like studs to fuel the fantasy, featuring Colby Taylor, Travis Wade, Robert Balint, Erik Hanlan, Lindon Hawk, Matt Spencer, David Moretti, and Ryan Michaels.
[Includes a double penetration of Lindon Hawk by Travis Wade and Matt Spencer.]
found in compilation The Best of Johnny Brosnan
found in compilation The Best of Robert Balint
found in compilation The Best of Travis Wade 2
found in compilation The Best of Colby Taylor 3
4. Roland Dane, Johnny Brosnan
Roland Dane rescues Johnny Brosnan on the road, and takes him home, where he gives him a sponge bath. Then Johnny works on Roland’s meaty uncut cock, and rims his tight hole as Roland sucks on Johnny’s tool. Roland then passionately fucks Johnny, giving him what he’s been waiting for, until they both blow their loads.
found in compilation The Best of Johnny Brosnan
action notes:
O=Oral; A=Anal; R=Rim; g=give; r=receive; b=bottom; t=top;


2001 GayVN Awards Best Videography: Todd Montgomery
From GayVideoDad

When we last left our intrepid hero, the handsome janitor-turned-thief Johnny Brosnan, he was being chased through the streets of Athens by hunky Travis Wade. For those of you just tuning in, Brosnan, an ivy league janitor desperately wanting to fit into the frat venue, met Wade on a cruise ship and the two had an incredibly hot encounter in Wade's cabin. Brosnan steals Wade's cash and his Harvard crew sweatshirt and splits. He met sweet Roland Dane, who took him on a tour of Greece (and wanted to see him again - the seeds of true love being planted) and then proceeded to spy on a bunch of hunky guys getting it on under the Mediterranean sun.
Wade spots him and takes off after him, the two literally knocking poor Colby Taylor over before the screen goes black.
Dane had given Brosnan the name and address of a cousin of his that he could stay with. When Brosnan arrives at the villa, he is greeted by gorgeous George Vidanov, truly a godlike specimen. Blond and built, lightly hairy with a beautiful bubble butt, Vidanov welcomes Brosnan in and introduces him to his boyfriend, Joe Calderon. Brosnan is shown to his room, where he dozes off. When he awakens, Vidanov and Calderon are nowhere to be found. He goes outside and spies the happy couple in the middle of a backyard romp. After some flip-flop sucking, Calderon plugs up a squealing Vidanov's rump. (And boy does he know how to squeal!)
Brosnan decides to catch some more sightseeing and is staring out at a beautiful island when he is approached by Colby Taylor, who is snapping photos. Taylor notices Brosnan and says he looks familiar. After he places him, he explains that he was in the midst of a heated moment with big time bottom boy Eric Hart. Hart's insatiable hole is easily filled - and that's saying a lot, considering the size of Taylor's piece. Taylor plows Hart (who, frankly, is cute, but Falcon has so many new models now that they are all starting to blend together into one big hunk), and they both reach gooey orgasm. Brosnan excuses himself and leaves Taylor high and dry.
On Syros, Brosnan spots studly Fernando Lizalde and his buddy Marc Pierrot. He follows them while they keep shooting him come-hither glances until they reach a stone wall, where they both pull out their mighty meat and begin stroking. Brosnan watches them as they both continue jerking off. When they finish, he moves on.
Dane, in the meantime, has arrived at Vidanov's and wants to know where Brosnan is. Vidanov, understandably exhausted, has no idea. Dane notices a time and address in Brosnan's address book. It's the address for the Harvard Crew frat party that Lindon Hawk had invited Brosnan to in Part One. So Dane sets out to find his love. (In fact, if no one has already figured out that Dane and Brosnan are going to be lovebirds, they must keep their heads underground.)
Brosnan arrives at the party where Hawk (who is most likely going to be a new fave of mine), Robert Balint (yum!), hairy and dark David Moretti and Ryan Michaels, sexy Aussie Matt Spencer and Erik Hanlan are sitting by the pool. Of course, dumb Brosnan doesn't realize, that Hey! Wade's gonna be there too. And Taylor. It gets ugly real quick, and after a chase to the main gate, Wade gets his revenge by organizing a big ol' gang rape on Brosnan. He forces the brunet to suck each man in turn and rim their asses (as an aside, Brosnan told me in a recent interview that that's his favorite thing to do - rim a bunch of sweaty assholes) before each guy takes a (brief) stab at his ass. Of course, my favorite part in the sequence didn't even include Brosnan at all. It's when adorable Hawk pops a squat on Wade's tasty dick and then Spencer slams into him as well, a d.p. sandwich. Little Hawk's eyes glaze over - obviously enjoying every double inch. (Director John Rutherford should take more time with the d.p.'s - he does a great job capturing them. They're just too damn brief. This one lasts only a few moments.)
After the rape, Brosnan is next seen wandering the side of the road, dirty and disheveled. Alas, along comes his knight in shining armor Dane (who I would kill to have as my knight) who cradles him in his arms and takes him back to his cousins. There, he and Brosnan, submerged in a bathtub surrounded by romantic candlelight, consummate their relationship. Yes, they had a delicious oral encounter in Part One, but this is where it all comes to a point. The two have great chemistry and Dane solidly plows into the willing bottom, who must be pretty damn tired after all the hunky dick he's had this trip. And they live happily ever after.
Of course, there's a weird twist thrown on at the end that sort of freaked me out, but you'll have to check it out yourself to see what I'm talking about.
You may wish to take a look at my comments in my review for Part One - I don't like to beat a dead horse. I liked the video but wasn't blown away by it - it's true Falcon, which is above average for many companies, but I felt that several things were lacking. Not a lot of heat in many of the scenes, Brosnan's character is extremely wishy-washy and fascinating videography (shot half on film, half on video) by Todd Montgomery - but it bothered me because there was no reasoning on why it was decided upon.
It's a beautiful video, of course. I gave it the rating I did because I believe that I may have been swayed by all the hype - I had heard nothing but unbelievable things about these videos that I was expecting something akin to Citizen Kane or Powertool. That was my disappointment - it may not be yours.

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