Men of Odyssey-Top Secret (2000) MP4

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DescriptionCast:  Corey Summers, Jack Ryan, Steve O'Donnell, Sam Crockett, Zach Richards, Ricky Shore, Clay Stone, Daniel Cross, Gregg Vaughn, Tuck Johnson, Nick Young

Director:  Jerry Douglas

TLA Review: "Jerry Douglas is quite the prolific porn auteur. He doesn’t generate film after film, so when he does put out a new video it is quite an event. Top Secret doesn’t disappoint. In fact, it stands up to the quality viewers have come to expect from him. There is a bit of a gimmick here, but it is a gimmick that most viewers will find extremely enticing.

The delectable Summers, who has more than proven himself as more than just another blonde twink, stars as two separate characters. One of the guys is a gay spy who transports secrets through fucking. The other guy is a straight g-man recruited to take his place. Get it?

It doesn’t quite matter whether you do or not. The gist is that eventually, through a body double and some inventive camera work, Summers gets to suck and fuck himself. Though not the capping scene of this opus, it is probably the one that will be most discussed.

That said, let’s discuss the rest of the scenes. (There are many, and all are as good as the others.) The opener sizzles with Summers and Johnson going at it on the set of a photo shoot. Both guys are so appealing it is hard to decide who to keep your eyes on.

Later, aboard a train, a military card game turns into a hot foursome. Young, Richards, Shore, and Stone slowly undress and stroke one another. The pace of the action builds and builds until each soldier reaches his own startling crescendo.

Crockett stands out (what else is new?) in a leather bar room scene. The final scene however, is the one you will be waiting for. It features Summers in the (seemingly) straight role finally getting together with the man he has fallen in love with. The two men are dynamic and passionate, and the action takes place atop the moving train. Again, Douglas uses special effects and camera work to enhance the tension filled scene.

You will probably have already cum more than once by the time you make it to the final scene, but the wait is well worth it."
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