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Some habits are hard to break. You keep going back for more even though you know you shouldn�t. A sweet piece of ass is kind of like that. You could finger it, or fuck it, but you never really get to know it until you�ve had your tongue way down deep inside. If it�s a keeper, you�re hooked. Morning, noon, or night, nothing can be a substitute for slam dunkin� your tongue around a straight boys rim. �Ass Eaters Anonymous� is our collection of keepers. Hot guys, hard dicks, and SWEET asses. Michigan - Every once in a while, we meet someone that we consider a �secret freak�. When we say �freak�, we mean that with every bit of admiration we can muster. Michigan is one of those freaks. Every time we work with him he gets better and better. What�s fun about working with Michigan is how cool he is about what he is doing. He would tell you to your face that he is totally straight and could fuck as many pussies as you put in front of him, but secretly he likes what he is doing with us. He really does. He loves to have his cock sucked and loves to have his ass hole munched on even more. This straight guy �workover� is more like a �workout� of face fucking and face humping . Enjoy. Matt - When we first met Matt, he wouldn�t even let another guy touch him. One night he shows up horny as hell, and in his subtle, but direct way, he let us know that he was in the mood to get his rocks off. We decided to film it and really have Matt show us what he wanted. He got stroked, sucked and munched and showed us exactly what it takes to make him bust a nut. When it was all over he said, �thanks man - that was awesome�. Another straight guy learns that GUYS SUCK DICK BETTER. Bryan, Cypher & Trevor - During a trip to Las Vegas for the Adult Entertainment Expo, we brought along the ASG crew and, of course, HOT GUYS! We had a great time, but the most fun we had during the trip was �after hours� when it was just us and the boys. The guys were so horned up after seeing all the pussy on the expo floor that they were dying to get off. Three nearly naked guys stroking in bed with visions of porn pussy fresh in their heads. Sounds like a scenario for a video, huh? The guys relieved all of their sexual tension and went WAY further than we could ever imagine. We even discovered a secret fetish that might surprise you. All this and more with three gorgeous straight guys doing things they would never want their friends to know about. This one will leave you in a puddle on the floor, or make you shoot a puddle on the floor. You decide. Ben - Straight Guys are horny 24/7. Ben stopped by one day to shoot this hot little afternoon session. His approach is direct and his motive is clear. A quick phone call and then he arrives. He wants his dick sucked, his ass licked, and who are we to argue with that? It turns out that Ben was about to leave town for awhile on a temporary work assignment. A hot, built, horny guy dying for a last blow job before being shipped off to BFE. What would you do? Watch and learn� Marc - When we first met Marc he was a little bit shy. In a million years, we didn�t ever expect him to loosen up the way that he has. We were all surprised when he actually took two of Jay�s fingers and then a dildo up his tight, virgin, bubble butt. Jay loved every minute of teaching him how to relax and take it all in. To top it off he took Jay�s cock in his mouth and blew him for a while too. With a two fisted climax, Marc unloads and Jay soon follows. One more bubble butt conquered and one more dildo for the trophy case. Xavier, Crash, and Cowboy - Three hot guys. Three beautiful cocks. Cowboy says at the beginning of this video that he loves making porn. Soon he is down on his knees proving it! Taking both cocks in his mouth and going to town. This sure wasn�t his first time at the rodeo. Crash soon follows suit and this afternoon 3way soon turns into a Sunday worship session of the mighty staff of Xavier. He lays back and enjoys the servicing while Cowboy and Crash take turns sucking and rimming until the cows come home. Guzzo and Marc - One of the members of our website suggested on the message board that we pair up Guzzo and Marc. It didn�t take much thought to realize that we should make it happen. Marc is as straight as they come, but not necessarily narrow minded as you�ll see in this video. We started the guys out just swimming and splashing around naked in the pool. Talk about young stud soup! Just seeing them swimming naked together is a total turn on. Their smooth, tight bodies looked stunning in the Arizona sun. Inside, Guzzo gave Marc an education in how one young, hot stud services another. Marc lays there squirming as Guzzo sucks his fat cock and rims his sweet ass. Hot loads follow and then the boys shower together. Don�t drop the soap!
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