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Hot House - ACRES OF ASS 1 - with Corey Jay directed by Steven Scarborough

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Alfredo Mossinni, Armstrong Stoker, Cole Tucker, Cory Jay, Eric Michaels, Ponyboy Spike

Plain Wrapped
Directed By : Steven Scarborough
Anal Sex, Buttplay, Daddies, Fisting, Jockstrap, Leather Fetish, Muscle Men, Nipple Play, Rimming, Role Play

Hot House and Plain Wrapped Video have unleashed the ultimate fuck-force-- the major muscle man mounds of Acres of Ass, Part 1 & 2. This is "Clash of the Titans" Plain Wrapped style, with the quality, explosive action that only Plain Wrapped can deliver up! If you like your men huge, hard and hungry then there is no other video for you -- they just don't come any bigger than this folks! Foot for foot there's enough rock hard ass here to cover the entire state of Delaware (and some neighboring counties) -- and all of it snappin' hungry for a deep, merciless work-over! Now, if the bottoms are like this you can only imagine the type of men we rounded up to top them! No, we're wrong, you can't imagine the group of colossal world class body builders who pulp our raging mad bottoms into quivering masses of satiated plasma -- you just have to see it to believe it!
The action kicks off with internationally renowned competitive body builder Alfredo Mossinni splaying and filleting Eric Michaels with both his mighty meat cleavers. If you like your tops dark, dirty and dangerous you better put a rush order on this tape! Next, we match up what's left of Eric Michaels with two tattooed terrors -- the cavernous Eel and the incomparable Cole Tucker. Mr.(and believe us, you'd better call him Mister) Tucker is one of the meanest, most foul-mouthed and demanding tops ever to bury an arm in a bad-boy's butt. His pair of good-for-nothing bootlickers are worked so hard that their holes are literally left smoking! This is a cigar buffs' dream scene! So, hold on to your Havanas and beg for mercy -- nobody wields a stogie like Cole!
Fans of Cory Jay (of Dr. Good Glove fame) will get the most bang for the buck ever in this two-parter as the spectacular superstud starts out pummeling pushy punker SPIKE (to the elbow) and then flips and takes the talented fists of Armstrong Stoker! You got it! Cory Jay, the hair covered hero of HARD CORE TAKES THE FIST AND BEGS FOR MORE! If this threesome doesn't catapult your libido into the next hemisphere then you're dead below the waist!
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