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MMB - Elder Foster - Submission

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Description - The power exercised in the Mormon priesthood depends on the loving service of the leaders and the voluntary submission of the led.
It is this principle that makes all of the challenging, and sometimes humiliating experiences that Mormon boys endure at the hands of their leaders ultimately edifying.
Whatever things they are asked to perform, the boys know it is for their own good, and they trust the men of The Order to guide them toward manhood.
Elder Foster has been through a lot as a Mormon missionary, from covert sexual encounters with his companions, to giving his ass to his leaders for their private pleasure, to a series of erotic rituals that have taught him what being a Mormon is really about.
If only other boys knew how satisfying a Mormon mission is, he thinks, every boy in the world would sign up to be a missionary!
Today he has been entrusted to the muscular dominant daddy Patriarch Smith to be disciplined. Foster knows that the most important quality a Mormon boy can possess is submissiveness, and he’s determined to submit to whatever the Patriarch has in mind, no matter how much it hurts or how ashamed he fees.
The Patriarch is very familiar with the handsome boy, and he’s very excited to get his hands on that juicy, adolescent body.
Patriarch Smith has been called to test and strengthen the boy’s submission to his leaders by spanking his plump ass and then stretching the boy’s hole with a thick dildo.
Like most boys his age, Elder Foster is proud of his recently acquired independence, and so to let himself be bent over an older man’s knee, his pants pulled down to his ankles, and then to be spanked hard, like a son being disciplined by his dad, is hard to take.
But there is also a profound pleasure in surrendering his ass. Being in this submissive posture is very comforting for the boy, who doesn’t really know how to handle all the stresses and responsibilities of being an adult.
Letting the older man take control is an incredible release and very pleasurable.
And when the Patriarch rubs the tip of the dildo against his hole before stuffing it in, Elder Foster resists the impulse to turn back and look at him.
He wants to show the man that he will meekly submit to anything he wants.
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