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Mustang - ZAK ATTACK - Part 1 - Scenes 1 & 2

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Mustang - ZAK ATTACK pt1 Scenes 1 & 2

The opening credits dissolve into Mario Ortiz and Danny Vox chewing through each other's jeans and jocks to reach rock-hard sausages, which they effortlessly deep-throat. All the while Zak looms above the twosome, stroking that luscious thick cock we know so well.

With a Prince Albert piercing right through his cockhead.  He joins the men just as Mario starts to plow Danny from behind by getting down on all fours so he can suck Vox off as Ortiz finishes his fuck.

The scene shifts completely into a well-lit white room. But beware: it may be white, but there's no vanilla! The scene - the longest of the video - features just Zak and another Falcon star lured out of semi-retirement, Thom Barron, both in black chaps. Thom is spread out on a table, so Zak starts to eat him from his mouth to his balls. Nobody, but nobody, kisses a man like Zak Spears. They both service each other like the true professionals they are, but all this time the camera is in tight - maybe too tight when Zak removes his cockhead ring for us. (Ouch.) Thom was one of those rare Falcon blonds who usually topped their partners. Not here. Zak bends him over the table for a roughhouse fuck, pulling his own balls to the side to give the camera an unobstructed view.

Then, in the Director's Cut, the camera pulls back, and we see behind them a shelf filled with humongous dildos. Zak goes to that shelf and picks out three different ones, as Barron's hole quivers in anticipation. The first is very roughly textured and must have scraped Thom's rectal walls bare. The second is a true work of art - a huge crystal dildo that is perfectly smooth; even Zak can't quite believe how much Thom takes it in. The third is a handled Man-Rammer, which is exactly what Zak does.

Then Spears puts on a thick black rubber glove, smears it with Crisco and proceeds to fist - yeah, you read that right, fist - Thom Barron. If either of these guys have done this before on video, I haven't seen it. And remember: Zak;s arms are now huge, and his right one works its way in up to Barron's larynx. Even Zak is overwhelmed; you hear him say, "This is fucking amazing. Jesus Christ, this is amazing." And it is.

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