FVP177 Hustle and Cruise ISO

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Director:Chad Donovan

Studio:Falcon Studios

Full Cast:Johnny Castle, Jason Adonis, Albert Long, Tristan Mathews, Roman Heart, Chad Hunt, Antonio Madiera, Ryan Wade, and Eddie Stone

Description: A life on the street can be a choice of two lives, either a life of hustling or cruising. Jason Adonis schools newly-arrived street punk Albert Long in the art of the hustle. Glory holes, public bathrooms, public parks and alleys are the setting for this exciting new Falcon Studios release. Starring Falcon Exclusive Roman Heart, featuring Johnny Castle, Chad Hunt, Albert Long, Eddie Stone, Antonio Madiera, Jason Adonis and Tristan Mathews. Introducing Falcon Exclusive Ryan Wade in his debut performance.
2020-09-15 00:28:03
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