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DescriptionOriginal upload: 2012-01-08 |
My ISP (Comcast), normally very fast is acting screwy.
I apologize if it is taking longer than usual, but it is beyond my control for now.
I will get in touch with them when the office is open, but in the mean time please be patient.
I promise I will stay fully connected until their are sufficient seeds and the upload is flying on it.s own.

On to the flick:

This too was requested by the founder of my primary group.

Normally I do not share his requests, a respect I give him for so much he has given me.

But, in this case, he believes as do I...
That ALL CLASSICS belong to the world.

They are are almost the only video record of our history and should be spread as much as possible so they may live forever.

Oh if Oscar Wilde could see his novel now.
Although if you know anything about him, something tells me he would not only be honored for the attempt but would have given anything to be able to have done a work like this in the strict Victorian times in which he lived.

I will be honest about this though.
The guys are gorgeous but the acting sucks.

It is not just bad.
It REALLY sucks.

Need to see how much?

View the preview I made streamed from my own site here:

Suggestion: Turn down the volume and put music of your choice on you sound system.

I was inspired to get the 2009 mainstream movie after this.

Perhaps one day (time permitting) I will upload it here in the non-porn section.

Until then,
Enjoy this one for now.


Portrait of Dorian Gay
[Zodiac Productions-Bijou]




Every gay man.s dream: A painter gives Dorian a magical ring that makes him irresistible with a hot body and a long, thick prick. Dorian picks up two rough and big-dicked sailors, who chain him to his bed and mouth his foreskin. Youthful, spry, and horny Dorian drinks deep at the fleshpots, all but devouring a trick who takes Dorian.s large hard-on up his ass while licking Dorian.s toes. After several other sexcapades, the jealous painter destroys Dorian and his sexual pursuits. An interesting story with lustful sex.



Based upon a variation of the story by Oscar Wilde, this film tells the tale of a wealthy young man named Dorian who commissions an artist to paint his portrait. The artist becomes so enamored of his subject that he presents the young aristocrat with a magical ring that turns Dorian into an irresistible god love with a hot body and thick, long prick.

The transformed Dorian picks up two rough and big-cocked sailors at the dock and has them make love in front of him before he joins in. Dorian gets his own foreskin mouthed while loosely chained to his four-poster bed. Others are lured to Dorian.s house where they are willing to do anything for him and his lustful physique.

These include: a tall blond who gets quick blowjob while Dorian.s bathing, soon shooting in his mouth; another trick who lets Dorian slap his ass cheeks before taking his large hard-on up his ass and licking Dorian.s toes; and a final trick whom he gives his ass to in a failed attempt at showing love an desire combined.

While Dorian drinks deep at the fleshpots, his evil selfishness manifests itself in his portrait, his image becoming older and more grotesque each day while he remains youthful, spry, and horny.

Finally, Dorian realizes that he must learn to give of himself, to love for love.s sake, if he is ever to find happiness. Dorian is ready to make a fresh start but the artist, now jealous of Dorian.s many lovers, has other plans and eventually destroys the changing painting, thus ending Dorian.s life and pursuits.

The film plays well from the story point of view and remains interesting on the level. The filming is dark a lot of the time due to the age of the release, and the sex scenes are mostly tepid. The best is probably the three-way with the hunky sailors who suck well.

Originally a Zodiac Production release, shot on film.

Stars: Alex Devron, Barry Case, Gary Sands, Jack Simms, Norm Perry, Terry Roberts, Tom Whise
Non-sexual: Chris Travis

Director/Producer: J.J. English

Released: 1974


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