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DescriptionThe way this began was with a text message on my phone, "Are you interested in a hot bronzed Aussie for your movies?", yeah whatever, so I called him up to come in for an interview, within 30mins we were doing it.
I couldn't believe my luck when the guy who claim to be a hot bronzed Aussie turned out to be a hot bronzed Aussie. So many times people claim to be what they are not, so to have someone turn up and be what they say they are, makes for a real nice change.
At the interview, as always, I asked Joe to rip his cloths off, and once he had, the "hot" part of his text message became even clearer. Here he was, naked, bronzed, and muscular, with an arse that looked like it had been sculpted for a Greek statue. I couldn't help but fully check him out, he actually caught me, I just looked up at him and he was looking straight back at me, nothing was said, but I could tell he knew I was looking at him in more than just a clinical way. I think he liked it, I know I did.
From that point I know I would be able to get Joe to go further. When I asked him to get it hard and he couldn't help but blow all over the floor was a good sign as well, hehe. I wanted to go him there and then, but I knew I had to save it for the shoot.

Joe - 36, fit, hung, muscular. What can I say about Joe....ummm, his hot, um, his hot, and yeah, I think his hot. Joe is a genuine country guy from the northern NSW region, from the brimmed cowboy hat down to the country boy accent. He even breads horses for a living on his 200 acre farm. Oh yeah, he didn't do this for the money.

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