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When most young men come to study in the big city, they're looking for drugs before even opening their textbooks.
But posh boys like Charlton, new in town, don't know any dealers. Charlton has to go through a lot of dodgy people in dodgy places in order to get a lead. And that trail has led the naive lad right into my clutches.

I'm posing as a drug dealer and I've got Charlton right where I want him. He's got all his mates' cash - enough to buy the drugs for his entire hall of residence - and he's scared as hell that something will go wrong with the public 'exchange'.
When I stride off with his money, without a second glance, Charlton scurries after me like a scared rabbit. He's following me wherever I plan to take him. Streetwise, this lad aint.

Nervous as he is about his illicit activities and all his money I've got, Charlton isn't sure what to do when I menacingly start tying his hands behind his back. He's too intimidated to argue about being restrained - perhaps thinking this is the way it works in all drug deals.

But when I force his head into my crotch and shove my massive boner down his throat, I'm pretty sure he starts to suspect something's up. Eyes watering, gagging and choking, pleading for me to let him go - Charlton's helpless and horrified as I treat his face like nothing more than a fuckhole.
As he gasps for breath, I order him to lick my balls, gripping his head close as he recoils in disgust at the overpowering scent of another man right in his face.

Having used him like a piece of meat, I slam him up against the wall and whip out a knife. Cutting off his clothes, piece by piece, Charlton trembles in terrified submission as I reveal his hairy little body. He daren't move a muscle as my knife makes short work of his jeans and flimsy pants, slashing dangerously close to his sensitive inner thighs and big heavy nutsack.
Soon, I've got him completely naked, and I enjoy a good grope of his healthy young cock, yanking it about and giving it a few slaps to further assert my power.

Throughout all this, Charlton's still begging me to let him go. You'd think he'd have realised by now that it's far, far too late for all that. To muffle his pathetic mewling, I plunge his head into the filthy toilet and hold his head down in the piss tainted water as I roughly probe at his virgin arse and drive my thick finger deep into the tight hole.

After the humiliating bogwashing, the sorry little straight cunt doesn't even resist as I shove his face down and order him to kiss and lick my shoe, while spanking his hairy little bum. Then I demand some more unwilling oral attention for my cock - while his own dick gets ground into the floor by my spit-shined shoe. Every straight's worst nightmare... but Charlton can't even begin to imagine just how bad it's going to get...

I've tied Charlton's legs so tightly, he can barely balance - but now it's time to make him work off some of that cute little gut of his.

Striding across the room, I order the lad to get over here - and he has no choice but to laboriously hop towards me. His only reward is a slap in the face, as I demand he goes faster this time. After a few laps, Charlton's knees are sagging in exhaustion and he collapses in front of me, panting and heaving.

But without an ounce of sympathy, I attach a weighted clip to his balls and demand another round of jumping, with each new hop making him bellow in pain.

Eventually, I make him kneel as I attach a spreader bar and dental gag, before prying into his wide open mouth with my fingers, and forcing them down his throat until he's gagging and drooling.

Immobilised by rope and with his aching jaw still wrenched open, Charlton's unable to escape the horrific intrusion as I ram my hard dick down his throat. I've attached clamps to his sensitive pink nipples, and I yank the chain to make him get his head all the way down to the base of my cock.

I'm still not sure this little shit is properly learning his place though. After a few hard slaps to the cock and a swift kick in the balls, I leave him trembling and breathless with fear. I have plenty more punishments for this young man...

Young Charlton is in a very uncomfortable predicament now, with his wrists and ankles locked into a medieval style metal clamp. He can't move an inch as I touch up his hairy arse and pull his cock, but when I slide the fucking machine into his hole, and turn it on, he grunts and grimaces in pain.

But with that pretty little arse temptingly high in the air, I decide Charlton deserves a lot more than just a fucking. I start him off with a hard hand spanking, enjoying his vulnerability as he finds himself unable to move an inch from the increasingly hard blows.

When Charlton's rump is starting to glow red, I use a couple of whips to give him a sound thrashing, knowing it hurts even more with his arse stretched into that painful taut position. The boy is clearly doing his best not to give me the satisfaction of hearing him cry out... but as the stripes start to appear on his arse, he fails miserably, shouting in agony, tears in his eyes.

Time to leave some marks. I pick up the cane and swish it in front of his frightened face - and then give him a series of excrutiating lashes that immediately raise bright red welts. When he's striped like a zebra and howling like a baby, I fling down the cane and march off, leaving him having his arse pounded while I get ready to use him myself...

Posh young Charlton is about to learn that all his money, good looks and charm are not enough to save him from having his anal virginity forcibly taken by a thick 8 inch cock. Boys like Charlton deserve everything they get.

I fling him down on a filthy old mattress and waste no time in manhandling him onto his back and cramming my rigid cock into his tight little hole. Charlton struggles and pushes against me, trying to expel the painful penis intrusion, but I grab his flailing legs and use them as handles to fuck his body so hard, he starts to scream.

Charlton's sexy feet are right in my face, and as I inhale the prime straight boy smell of them, mingled with the scent of his sweat and fear, my cock gets even harder.

When I've given his anus a good working over, I flip the sobbing lad onto all fours, and batter his hole open a second time, stretching it painfully in a whole new direction, ramming my rigid meat even deeper into his guts. Charlton has given up trying to resist by this point, and tears roll down his face as I pound into him, his heavy cock swinging back and forth underneath him.

Inevitably, the helpless boy collapses, but there's no escape from my insatiable cock - I pin him down while I continue my rough anal assault, humping him until I throw him onto his side for better access to his whole body. As I force his legs apart and rip open his hole a third time, Charlton's cries and sobs come thick and fast, but I'm too busy mauling his sexy hairy body to give a shit about his welfare.
Eventually I toss him aside onto the floor, a trembling wreck, but I haven't finished with this little fucker yet...

Charlton thought his nightmare was over after I viciously claimed his arsehole as my own, but there's plenty of entertainment still to be had from his helpless, battered body.

I've tied and strapped him up by his ankles to the ceiling, with his furry crack too tempting to resist. But I've fucked the boy's arse and mouth for so long, my dick is practically raw - so I stick a dildo onto a nearby mop, and ram that into his hole so hard that he screams his face off. Charlton convulses and bucks as he tries to escape the intrusion, but the pole stays firmly in his arse.

However, Charlton still needs to get what he actually came for - his drugs. First I shove handfuls of the powder into his face, laughing at his humiliation as his expensive purchase stings his eyes and is forced up his nose. I decide it would be better to have him suck it directly from my dick though - and I force my drug covered cock into his mouth, making him lick and swallow every inch.

After Charlton's delicious upside down blowjob has soothed my aching dick, I turn my attentions to his limp, exhausted body. This straight boy needs to work off that little gut he has if I'm going to complete his transformation into the perfect fucktoy.
Time to force him to do some exercise - I take a flogger and order him to do a series of gruelling stomach crunches. Not high enough. WHACK. Not fast enough. WHACK. Hold it longer while I look at your hole. WHACK.

Charlton's now panting and sobbing, dripping with sweat, so I squeeze out a quick piss all over his face and chest to cool him down. I leave him hanging up by his ankles, his reddened, piss covered face contorted in misery and utterly degraded.
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