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Description[So sorry to all the peeps who were downloading the first torrent. Kept running into mistakes that were piling up and ultimately thought it best to just scrap it and start again. Sorry for the confusion. If you download this torrent to the same location you should pick up where you left off in your download, so hopefully no hard feelings. The torrent file itself has the same name, so if you get some message from your bitTorrent client about 'torrent already exists', remove the first file and download this one. Not sure if it will happen. Just be sure not to delete the data you've already downloaded so you don't have to start all over.]

"Holy crap! 27 gigs," you say. But I tell you every byte is worth it. This is the hottest stuff I've ever seen. I could delete every other porn I have and be perfectly happy with only these for the rest of my life... I'm not going to do that, but I could. :D  I'm so excited to get to share these with you guys - finally got something awesome to contribute.

The general m.o. here is young guys being ogled, fondled, disrobed, jerked, spanked, smacked, sucked, fucked, and just about everything else by older men in a position of religious authority. There is also some solo stuff, group stuff, and boys fooling around with each other, but most work around the daddy/son angle. Whoever is directing these is amazing. The scenes are usually ripe with airs of apprehension, solemnity, or eager exploration that the actors all do really well to make palpable. I could go on, but I'll just let you see for yourself.

Again, I know the large size may be daunting for some users. But I figured most clients allow you to selectively download only the files you want, so you don't have to download the whole thing if you don't want to. Besides, once you get a taste you'll be back for the rest anyway. LOL. With that in mind I figured it was best to just have them all in one place. All my pics are painstakingly labeled with their corresponding filename, so you can flip through the ol' catalog up top and pick what you like. You're welcome. ;) I started a thread in the forums asking for advice on whether or not to break it up. If you're feeling raw about the size, feel free to chime in (I'll link to the thread below). Maybe there are considerations I'm unaware of. I could always re-upload in smaller chunks if that's what y'all want - though, again, I don't see the point.

Link to forum thread: https://forum.gaytorrent.ru/index.php?topic=25902.0

When I first looked a while back, I didn't see any MormonBoyz.com uploads on here - which surprised the hell out of me. I took some time to scour the internet for all I could find, and since then it looks like someone has uploaded a couple I didn't have. Of course I downloaded them immediately, but I kept them out of this collection so that user could get the ratio boost they deserve. Check 'em out. I haven't watched them yet, but no doubt they're every bit as hot as these.


I've been precariously hovering around the cutoff ratio for awhile now, so seed bonuses to help dig me out of this hole are much appreciated. And if you're as crazy as I am about these vids, why not show some love to the maker? (he suggested somewhat hypocritically) If I wasn't a broke ass student I'd be a lifetime member to the website!

Again, so sorry to people who started downloading the first torrent and had to deal with that "What the fuck!?" moment before finding it again.

There are a couple minor changes to the content of this new torrent. I nixed 3 duplicates and one file that just flat out didn't belong:
        - "Elder Pratt" was a combined copy of "Elder Pratt Setting Apart 1 & 2"
        - "Elder Martinez Disciplinary Action" == "MormonBoyz -  Elder Martinez in Disciplinary Action part 1&2"
        - "MormonBoyz - Elder Nelson Inspection" == "Elder Nelson Inspection" (duh)
        - And the file "Martin, Johann And Tim" was a Tim Tales vid. Not sure how that got in there.
Other than these everything is the same, so you should largely be picking up where you left off and aren't missing out on any MormonBoyz content. I thought about renaming some vids so they would all have the same naming convention, but worried bitTorrent wouldn't register it as the same file and didn't want people to have to start over downloading those.

Also, the folder of pics in the original torrent has been replaced with one containing all my labeled photos. I gave the pics folder a different name thinking it'd be handy to separate them on your end.

Have I mentioned that I'm sorry for the confusion? Because I am. Super sorry. Or maybe I'm just building suspense...? No. I'm just a jackass. Sorry.

::::::::::: FILE LIST :::::::::::
MormonBoyz - Elder Kensington and Elder Miller Championship Inventory.mp4 1.15 GB
Mormon Boyz - Pre-Mission Interview - Elder Angusson.mp4 1.02 GB
Anderson and Olsen Adoption Ceremony.mp4 994.70 MB
Mormon Boyz - Inspection Part 1 - Elder Hardt.mp4 985.86 MB
Elder Miltmore Washington and Atonning.mp4 920.89 MB
Mormon Boyz - Inspection Part 2 - Elder Hardt.mp4 891.31 MB
Elder Miltmore Ordination.mp4 889.60 MB
Elder Pratt Ordination.mp4 672.88 MB
MormonBoyz - Elder Harward Ordination.mp4 661.56 MB
Elder Brown Companionship Study With Elder Mackey.mp4 598.06 MB
Elder Mecham.mp4 570.76 MB
Elder Allen Evaluation.mp4 531.89 MB
MormonBoyz - Elder Harward Inspection.mp4 514.03 MB
Mormon Boyz - Second Anointing - Elder Gonzalez.mp4 495.96 MB
MormonBoyz - Elder Hardt and Elder Miltmore Companionship Study.mp4 490.01 MB
Elder Chamberlain.mp4 471.78 MB
Elder Allen Inspection.mp4 459.59 MB
Elder Carter.mp4 451.41 MB
MormonBoyz - Elder Hardt and Elder Miltmore.mp4 449.13 MB
Elder Nelson Inspection.mp4 446.14 MB
Elder Allen Disciplined.mp4 440.09 MB
MormonBoyz - Elder Kensington Initiation.wmv 436.39 MB
Elder Martinez Inspection.mp4 429.12 MB
Elder Pratt Setting Apart 2.mp4 428.02 MB
Elder Hatch.mp4 419.03 MB
Elder Pratt.mp4 410.84 MB
Elder Pratt Setting Apart 1.mp4 410.84 MB
Mormon Boyz - Inspection - Elder Borski.mp4 409.40 MB
MormonBoyz - Elder Harward Priesthood Prep.mp4 407.65 MB
MormonBoyz - Elders Gonzalez, Hardt, and Harward Prepared To Be Taught.mp4 401.75 MB
Elder Allred 1.mp4 400.83 MB
Mormon Boyz - Workover - Elder Brown and Elder Hardt.mp4 399.51 MB
Brother Ward.mp4 399.19 MB
MormonBoyz - Elder Borski and Elder Hardt Workover.wmv 393.22 MB
MBZ-Buckley-Riley-Newman.mp4 388.08 MB
MormonBoyz - Elder Gonzalez Priesthood Prep.mp4 370.68 MB
MormonBoyz - Elder Hardt and Elder Rex Magnifying Their Calling.mp4 369.30 MB
MormonBoyz - Elder Haddock and Elder Hardt Workover.mp4 363.36 MB
Elder Allred 2.mp4 359.95 MB
MormonBoyz - Elder Martinez in Disciplinary Action part 1.mp4 356.19 MB
MormonBoyz - Elder Rex Evaluation.mp4 342.43 MB
Elder Mackey Induction.mp4 340.83 MB
Elder Brown Corrupted and Curious.mp4 330.55 MB
MormonBoyz - Elder Nelson Ordination.mp4 321.55 MB
MormonBoyz - Elder Angusson Ordination.wmv 314.03 MB
MormonBoyz - Elder Pratt - Repatriation Rites.wmv 308.98 MB
MormonBoyz - Elder Martinez in Disciplinary Action part 2.mp4 308.45 MB
Elder Mackey Disciplinary Action B.mp4 307.18 MB
MormonBoyz - Elder Hardt and Elder Miller Behind Closed Doors.mp4 306.43 MB
MormonBoyz - Elder Brown Evaluation.mp4 306.02 MB
Mormon Boyz - Priesthood Prep - Elder Borski.wmv 296.18 MB
MormonBoyz - Elder Rex Disciplinary Council.mp4 293.52 MB
MormonBoyz - Second Discussion - Elder Rex.mp4 288.58 MB
MormonBoyz - Elder Rex Inspection.mp4 287.24 MB
MormonBoyz - Elder Kensington Inspection.mp4 280.85 MB
Elder Mackey Evaluation.mp4 276.84 MB
MormonBoyz - Elder Nelson Inspection.mp4 271.58 MB
MormonBoyz - Elder Rex First Discussion.mp4 270.87 MB
Elder Jackson.mp4 227.29 MB
MormonBoyz - Danny.wmv 221.27 MB
MormonBoyz - Elder Kensington Caught Being Curious Part 2.mp4 204.35 MB
MormonBoyz - Elder Hardt Bishop Interview.mp4 186.71 MB
Elder Morgan.mp4 153.80 MB
Mormon Boyz - Elder Redelman.mp4 120.91 MB
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