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Elder Buckley & Bishop Angus - Ordination

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DescriptionElder Buckley gets ordained hard by Bishop Angus.

Bishop Angus has been keeping an eye on Elder Buckley. He’s heard from Brother Newman how much Elder Buckley likes to fuck, and how skilled he is, but he knows he himself has a few tricks to teach the boy, and he can’t wait to begin the lesson. Since Elder Buckley seems so butch, he wonders if the missionary will let himself be fucked in the ass, but he’s fairly certain that he’ll do what missionaries do best: follow orders.

When Elder Buckley comes in, the bishop tells him that today’s ordination is going to be special, and they’ll begin by taking off their clothes. Elder Buckley has heard a thing or two about how ordination in the sacred order is a little different than what most Mormons are used to. He’s heard from other missionaries that they have been tied up, had their balls shaved, and been fucked raw by the aggressive, well-endowed bishop. Elder Buckley is a little scared of what the bishop has in store for him, but he’s also very excited. He’s only been fucked once, by his companion, and that was just a quick tease, really. He wants to know what it’s like to get fucked, hard, by a grown man.

As they both take off their Sunday best, they steal glances at one another¬ís bodies. Elder Buckley¬ís garments hug his masculine body, and his huge dick fills his garment¬ís pouch. When he goes to take off the garment top, Bishop Angus takes advantage of the moment to grab the boy¬ís body and run his hands over his chest and ass. 

Then he takes the boy’s face in his hands and starts to kiss him. Elder Buckley takes off the bishop’s top and gropes his ass. And then the bishop slides the boy’s garment bottoms to the floor, grabbing his firm butt and stroking his fat dick. He steps out of his own garments and the boy grabs his dick and jerks it.
The bishop’s rickety, red altar dates all the way back to the pioneers. It’s impossible to know how many young men have been stripped naked and fucked on it. Today is Elder Buckley’s turn. The bishop turns him around and pushes him onto the altar. Elder Buckley looks back at the bishop, who drops to his knees and buries his face in the boy’s beautiful ass. The bishop really knows his way around an asshole. As he licks and sucks, Elder Buckley relaxes and pushes his ass back into the bishop’s face. He has never felt anything like this. The bishop stands up, takes the boy’s leg in hand, and helps him climb onto the altar.

To be ordained,Elder Buckley will have to take the bishop’s dick in several positions. The bishop puts the boy on his back, his legs up in the air. The bishop wets Elder Buckley’s hole, grabs his ankles, and then presses the head of his dick against his ass. Elder Buckley can feel how thick the dick is as it presses against his hole, trying to get in. When it does slip in, just a little, his hole has to stretch to fit it. He’s completely stuffed. He gasps, and the bishop pulls back a little, then presses in again. With each thrust, his dick slides deeper up the elder’s butt until it’s all the way in. He fucks the boy gently, then flips him over on his belly and fucks him from behind. Elder Buckley can’t believe he has so much hard meat up his ass. The altar is creaking as the two men fuck on top of it. Before the boy can cum, the bishop flips him back over and toys with his hole. Elder Buckley clutches his big red boner in his hand. He doesn’t want to stroke it because he’s afraid he’ll cum before the bishop is through.

The bishop puts him on his back once more and puts his dick in. This time, he isn’t gentle at all. He slams his dick into Elder Buckley’s ass, and Elder Buckley’s dick throbs in his hand. He’s not sure how much more of this he can take. He’s either going to cum or pass out or maybe both. But the bishop is getting worked up too. He spits on his dick to keep the fuck smooth, and stares down at the boy’s handsome face and beefy body. He tells the boy he’s going to cum a few seconds before he does, and Elder Buckley watches the bishop yank his dick out and spray his cum all over his ass and his balls. Then the bishop sticks his dick right back in and fucks the cum up his hole.

Elder Buckley: welcome to the higher priesthood.

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