The Covenant – Oliver James & Mitch Cox

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Oliver obeyed. Obediently, he undressed completely and put on the ceremonial robe. It was large and hung loosely from his body, clearly not made for him. As he tried to balance it on his shoulders, he wondered how many others had worn this exact garment and how many others had done what he was about to do. He had barely spoken a few words with Master Cox, but the older man had already touched his body, handled his genitals, and even been inside him. Sex with him was part of the requirements of the Order, but Oliver didn't care.
He found himself extraordinarily attracted to the older man, both in his authority and his appearance. It reminded him of the men he had known while growing up. Fathers of friends, friends of his father, neighbors, etc. Even though he was a stranger, disconnected and unfamiliar with his life or any sentimentality, there was something familiar about him that comforted him. Crawling into the ceremony room of four, he ducked below the older man. Master Cox was sitting on the edge of a large bed, wrapped in a red altar towel. Master Cox was dressed all in white, right down to his tie.
Everything seemed so formal and so ritualized. This sent a tingling sensation down Oliver's spine, a kind of out-of-body experience as he made the movements he was told to follow. He knew this was important, so he gave it his full attention. When Master Cox told him to wash his feet, he didn't hesitate or think twice. Everything in that moment served to remind Apprentice Oliver that his place was submissive and subservient to Master Cox.
And he did so in full faith. As soon as he was finished, Master Cox lifted him up, manipulating the material that hung over Oliver's body until it fell around him. The boy was naked, exposed and vulnerable, pressed against the fully clothed older man. Oliver's penis began to harden, rising as he felt the approach of the moment of consummation. The purpose of the covenant ceremony was very vaguely explained to him, but he knew he had to give himself to the Order and Master Cox as if he were making an eternal bond. The only thing he could compare it to was a marriage. And as such, he knew that it meant surrendering his body completely. Master Cox removed his jacket, ordering Oliver to get down on his knees.
Within seconds, he pulled out his cock for Oliver to begin sucking. It was a large, thick, veiny member, with a low set of large testicles. Seeing it up close, Oliver was impressed by its size. He remembered what it was like to move inside it, but strangely, he never really saw it. Something about Master Cox made him want to serve him.
Looking up at the salt and pepper speckled chest hair, his masculine face with dark mustache, and his soft, fatherly eyes, he wanted to be possessed. He felt deep in his gut that he needed to be filled and fucked. He loved it and sucked passionately and attentively on Master Cox's member, all the while anticipating the moment when it would be back inside his hole.
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