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jordan payoff for pain part 2

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fyi: this is the same jordan from seancody.. hawt XP
After being repeatedly shocked, Jordan is pretty much out of it as Jared mauls his quivering flesh, then unfastens him and drags him into another room, stretching him out, back arched, on a long, narrow platform. Hours later, Jared strokes the now fully recovered young stud’s thickly muscled body. “Please…” the frat boy mutters, looking up at the young man preparing to hurt him. “Sorry, boy,” Jared replies, “I don’t have any choice. I’m getting paid a lot of money to hurt you and it’s about to get a lot worse.” Jared is such a sadist, he toys with the boy, dragging the single-tail of braided leather over Jordan’s beautiful torso. Then the whipping begins. The boy’s screams echo off the concrete walls. By the end, Jordan is completely naked, his torso cut with a dozen welts, glistening with sweat and from the alcohol misted on his wounds.

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